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I used to wear a uniform,

Wore it brand new,

Proud to be wearing that uniform,

Happily arresting the scum amongst you.

Football violence,

Scuffles and domestics,

Car crashes and possession, 

Total Mayhem.

Undercover work,

Is calling me,

A bit cloak and dagger,

Appeals to me. 

Under cover one  (UC1),

Under cover two  (UC2),

Training to infiltrate those bad man,

Gangsters living a different life to you.

Form a legend,

A new identity for me,

All works out,

Even my Tax ID.

Take some time,


Look at the time,

Flash new Rolex for me.

Won't speak to scag heads,

That UC2,

Premier league is calling,

Class A's top of the menu.

Get some knocked off gear,

Sell it in the boozer,

Get known for showing no fear,

People realise I'm not a loser.

Council estate talk, as they do,

Armani and boss clothing,

Opened some doors,

Selling to my target crew.

They want to know about me,

Who I'm connected too,

Liking my flash car,

What am I going to do?

Hold my nerve, 

With these bad men,

Can blag the best of them,

Ill make sure you'll get at least a ten.

Prices and dealing,

Talk with meaning,

Plant those seeds,

Whilst smoking weed. 


Celebrate a deal gone through,

Hookers and alcohol, 

Cheeky line on the table too.

Back in the office,

Structured meeting,

Heated conversations,

Handler don't agree with me.

Says I'm too open and crazy,

Not following the procedure,

Taking too many risks,

Follow the procedure.

Fuck that prick,

What does he know,

I'm taking the risks,

And he's running the show.

Evidence building,

Recorded, sealed, and tagged,

Few more deals,

Got them lined up and blagged.

All mates now,

Feel a little conflicted,

Stand together in a row,

This is getting all twisted. 


Drinking and moody,

This is getting too much,

Job is taking a piece of me.

Drag it out,

Until the Job is done,

Drag it out,

Still want to be number one.

Work is Magnified,

Overtime is prioritised

Leisure is diminished,

Family time is  finished.

,Give evidence,

Behind a screen,

Court room,


Those fuckers don't know it,

Know this about me,

Still think I'm that screw loose,

They met a few months previously.

Banged to rights,

Total of 90 years collectively,

Great job done,

Everyone congratulating me.

Something inside,

Isn't the same,

Something outside,

I can't think of the name.

Criminal inside,

Look in the mirror,

Officer outside,

So much tremor.

The role I chose,

Fundamentally changed me,

Living life on the outside,

Wolf in coppers clothing.


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