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You are an enjoyable juniper!

You are a pleasurable bush!

You are an agreeable poplar!

You are a delightful spruce!

You are a gratifying cedar!

You are an amusing birch!

You are a diverting corn!

You are a bonny pine!

You are a lovely palm!

Your sepal be alluring!

Your petals be delightful!

Your stamens be appealing!

Your carpel be graceful!

Your corolla be good-looking!

Your filament be pretty!

Your ovary be stunning!

Your ovule be foxy!

Your anther be ravishing!

You honor starlet-like dreamland.

You admire moonlet-like mirror.

You exalt moony fairyland.

You deify moonlit enchanted rose.

You praise starry gingerbread house.

You glorify starlit forest.

You apotheosize comet-like spell book.

You magnify spherical tower.

You gratify sunny Ovidian sword.


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