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Here, on we publish only the highest quality stories from great writers around the world. To have work published on is testament to the finest writing ability. Once published, we share your success with others and give good writing, great publicity. The site receives in excess of 300,000 page views per month and is the number one site on search engines for various genres.

We have a category for everyone. So why not sharpen your skills, your pencil and your wits and commit that story to paper? Give our followers what they want to read and get your name in front of thousands of readers every week.

Best of luck in your writing endeavors.


Five Minutes

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Imagine sitting here in a wooden chair with Chinese soft somethings under your ass, leaning on a green laminated particle board twice processed table. You’ve been here for a while. You’re miserable because you hate your job. You wait for the accented drawl of the guest social media marketing specialist from Tuscaloosa to end like a root canal. You wait for his mouth to seal like two slices on a grilled cheese sandwich.


Doris Drive 2

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James slowly stood up, bewildered, and looked around at the queer landscape. This certainly felt like a dream. Thinking about it being a dream made James change his mind though. He knew it was real, he could feel it was real, no matter how bizarre. He started walking towards the house trying not to pay attention to the drones on either side of him when one of the spooky figures stepped out of the line, looked at James, and suddenly formed a recognizable face.



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Father Bradley knew the killer was coming, it was only a matter of time. It was a huge paradox that someone so pious could kill and lie with impunity to save himself. Still, he was hardly a saint himself, despite his dog collar, he reflected. The things he had done. Were they much worse than what Olsen had perpetrated?


Unlucky Superman

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They were shrieking in distress, not squealing, like pigs usually do. It was as if they knew what was about to happen to them.

McCormack hadn't heard shrieking like that since he was a boy and he found himself trying to remember that kid's name.


Night Mares

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George Downs stood bent slightly forward in front of an officer. “You’re supposed to stand at attention, soldier, not tilted forward.”

“I have arthritis, sir, and it prevents me from standing up straight.”

“Likely excuse.”

“Sir, I’m eighty one years old. Why am I still in the Army?”


Job of a Lifetime

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It was the job of a lifetime for me, teaching people to speak English in Hanoi, Vietnam, and getting paid big money for it.

In 1994, the war seemed long over, but for some, it was never going to end, soldiers becoming redundant, and innocent people becoming landlocked, their way of living and thought forever changed, so much so they could never rest, not until their job was done


They Turn Shit Into Gold

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The two ambitious and young entertainment entrepreneurs had been working together for the past three years.

They seemed to be an unlikely duo: Mousy and Tommy.

Michael Mousy Mandlelap graduated from Queens College in 1973. He left for California with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Arts and Sciences. His partner Tommy Grant aka Tommy Afta Dark received the exact credential. He decided to stay in New York to pursue his dreams.


I Can't Die

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Henry Bishop sat at his desk working when his boss, Mr. Carn, came to his desk. “Bishop, you were supposed to give me the Compton report this morning,” he yelled.  “I want that report on my desk before the end of the day,” he bellowed and stormed off.

“Loudmouth bastard.  I wish it were legal to kill people like him. He’s giving me an ulcer.”

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