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Stay under the radar,

As long as can be,

Don't want the feds knowing,

Our lucrative schemes.

Better to be unknown,

In this life of mystery,

Many people talk,


Fraud, theft,

Drugs and sex,

Armed blag,

Is the best.

Takes a certain type,

Living this crazy life,

In the shadows,

Much Stress and strife.

Chaos and Violence,

Rules of the day,

Enforcing those rules,

Lots of prey. 

All I want to do,

Is spend my ill gotten gains,

Taking these chances,

Got to release these strains. 


Find a good laundrette,

Washing it through,

Black becomes white,

Another headache for you. 

Take some chances,

With normal folk out there,

Wanting what we got,

To make it theirs. 

Charging the odds,

For legitimacy,

Feeling at odds,

Taxed unnecessarily.

Get that geezer,

Who ripped us off,

40% for washing our money,

Tell him to piss off. 

Knife and guns,

Tools of the trade,

When best to use,

Anytime, I'd say. 

That gangster got it coming,

Disrespectful to me,

Shooter down his mouth,

Feel my wrath, forcibly. 

Old skool criminals,


Lived by certain rules,


Postcodes wars changed, 


Innocent kids dying,


People talk,

As they do,

When your out,

Look at you. 

Glamorous Ladies,

Ass kissing men,

Club owners a plenty,

Friends with doormen. 

This is good,


This is great,


Social media shots,

Look at me,

Centre of attention,


Late night partying,

Off your tits,

Late morning starting,

Skip a few checks. 

No longer hiding,

Who you used to be,

No longer bothering,

What it means to be me. 

Dropped your guard,


Feel out of touch,

The feds are onto me. 

What the fuck,

Hows this happening to me,

So careful before,

The end is dawning . 

All comes crashing down,

So suddenly,

Debts are out of control,

Huge risk taking.  

Out of touch,

Out of luck,

Out of money,

Total fuck up. 

Make the headlines,

Wrong reasons totally,

Make the headlines,

Long jail term for thee. 

Feds are clever,

Banged to rights,

No way out of this,

Prosecution too tight. 

Live by the code,

Drilled into me,

Or do I snitch,

Make it easier for me.

Caught in the headlights,

My life , family,

Defence says do a deal,

No way, not me. 

Either way,

Difficult to tell,

My life, my freedom,

Or sit in a 20 year hell. 

One things for sure,

With much certainty,

Crime does pay,

With your liberty.


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