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Grown up with it all my life,

Same for everyone else,

Source of my happiness,

And Strife.

Offers freedom for those,

Who play the game,

Offers slavery for those,

Who can't play the game. 

Poverty and deprivation,

Wealth and Sophistication,

Stress and degradation,

Finance and communication.

Money is a tool,

Depending where your born,

Postcode lottery,

Council estates are scornful.

Private school,

A different kind of pedigree,

Financial education,

To benefit the elite, totally.  

Government and banks,

Creating certain policies,

Financial institutions,

Friends, with lots of MP's. 

The average man,

Needing money,

Here, take this loan,

With certain T & C's. 

Caught in a debt cycle,

With a credit score to match,

Keep on making those payments,

Otherwise, there's a huge catch. 

Working so hard,

Bills to pay,

Working so hard,

No time to play.

Stress and strains,

With the misses and you,

Working so much,

Little else to do.

She needs support,

Some TLC,

Too tired to listen,

Get away from me. 

A split coming,

In the marital home,

Cocaine and drinking,

She's texting a man on her phone.

I want the house,

50% of money from you,

Get out of here,

The courts will decide what I get from you. 

The financial system,

Comes into play,

No matter what happens,

You've still got to pay.

Can only work so much,

Can only  do what I do,

Can only afford to pay certain bills,

Debts are overwhelming for you.

Red Letters and warning letters,

Fall through the door,

Pay us this money,

Disadvantageous credit score. 

Doesn't seem right,

Doesn't seem fair,

Doesn't seem like I can pay these bills,

No one really cares. 

Covid and Cost of living,

Two headed demon landed on your lap,

Bounce back loan and government intervention,

Still got to be paid  back. 

Millions struggling to live and pay,

On the brink,

Society will break,

Who can say. 

Inflation keeps rising,

Interest rates too,

Geo-political chess game,

What can the average pawn do? 

Is this the fall of the dollar,

Empire slipping from the pew,

A rising dragon in the East,

Autocratic rule on the menu. 

Life has changed so quickly,

No one can keep pace with it all,

The great reset,

Few people foresee the fall. 

Escape to the internet,

Influencers abound

Tik tok and Insta,

Billionaires playground. 

Want that lifestyle,

Want it now,

Take huge risks on it all,

Still nowhere to be found. 

Back to reality,

Start doing a 9-5,

Hamster wheel,

I've got to survive. 


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