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At the mysterious and misty mountains of Perak, were 3 youths hiking. Afiq, always interested in new things. Muthu, a loyal friend who always tags along. Lewellyn, the boldest of all of them. They aim to debunk the legend of the Stone Ogre- Sang Kelembai. They ventured into the deep forest. Out of the blue, a rock hand reached for them. They barely had seconds to dodge. The world before them exploded and a gigantic Mecha-Ogre roared in front of them.


A beam outlined their body. They froze just like the stones at Stonehenge. Their faces may be calm, but their hearts were noisy! Each thought was feebler than the last. A shaft opened at the casing of the robotic monstrosity. They were hoisted and thrown into a cell as cramped as if you set your head into a shoebox.

"What use are we to the behemoth?" muttered Afiq.

The intercom burst the subsequent message: "You are going to be INTERROGATED!!!"

A floating platform transported them to a magnificent golden lair. On the golden dais stood...

"Daleks! And What are the Zygons doing here?" exclaimed Lewellyn.

"Do you know them?" asked Muthu.

"My family worked at Torchwood."

"Be silent! What are you guys doing in the mountains? Explain!" screeched the Reconnaissance Dalek.

"We were hiking..."

"The Zygons do not believe you. We believe you have been spying on us. You pose a danger to our plans." said the Zygon leader, Salest.

"Shush you hideous shark headed villain! That is not true!"

"The Daleks agree to what the Zygons say. The verdict shall be...!"

"They will be killed!" exclaimed the Zygons

"We need them for conversion!"


"More Daleks are better! We need to liberate Malaysia. Malaysia is the most strategic spot to determine our Asian hegemony. With Asia under us, we can achieve world dominion! The Daleks will win!"

"I disagree! Daleks are selfish! We should not have united with you." retorted Salest.

A heated argument broke out. The three friends seized the chance to flee. A Dalek that spotted them gave chase. Once they were about to climb out of a window, the Dalek prepared to deliver the final blow...

"Vision impaired!"

Lewellyn put his hat on the Dalek's eyestalk. They jumped and escaped. The final thing they saw within the Robo-Beast was the Dalek smashing on a stony button.


The whole golem solidified into stone.

Over time, the large stone burst down into pieces, leaving a remembrance of Sang Kelembai for the locals.



A teenager who writes short stories featuring Doctor Who characters.


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