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My friends call me ILII―infinitely large, infinitely intelligent. I suffer from ITD―inability to die. This is an extremely rare genetic disease.

I have been an expert in every profession and played professionally every sport. I have tried all hobbies, but nothing stuck for more than a couple of millennia. I tried to be a villain and spent eons in prison, each conviction ending with unsuccessfully carried out capital punishment. Yes, I am extremely bored.

One night I was in my basement, trying to kill myself out of boredom for the 1,256,257th time, when I found a bottle full of old bubble solution. I blew a bubble. I have done this before, of course, but this time I noticed a lot of hard formations appearing inside the bubble. Some of them got covered by a thin film of organic material. I showed the bubble to my friends, and they thought I could win a prize at the upcoming fair.

The annoying thing about fairs is that there will always be someone with better stuff than yours. This guy, an ILII like me, who didn’t even suffer from ITD, had managed to blow a bubble, which was not only full of hard formations covered with organic material, but in some cases, this material was capable of somewhat organized thoughts. One of these thought-producing forms even figured out that his bubble was incredibly tiny at some point of time and named that moment the Big Bang. For some reason, this guy found this offensive and was going to get rid of the bubble. But sure enough, he won first prize at the fair.

The funny part is, he isn’t even finished blowing his bubble. I told him to stop because sooner or later it will pop, but he wouldn’t listen. “I can always blow me a new one,” he says. What a jerk!

As for me, I am still waiting for my organic film to produce something a bit more intriguing. I can wait. I’ve got plenty of time.

Seeing this guy strutting around all day long, blowing and blowing that bubble to no end, started to get on my nerves, however! I decided to kill him and take the bubble. That way I will accomplish two things: first, I’ll get to spend some more time in prison, always a favorite pastime. And if I am lucky, I will get to enjoy another unsuccessful attempt to be put to death. More importantly, however, I will make him stop blowing and expanding that bubble. Not that I care about any organic forms living in it, but I am pretty curious to see what else they will figure out. And if they manage to figure out everything there is to be figured out, then, and only then, I will get rid of it.


Milkana N. Mingels was born in Bulgaria and currently lives in Massachusetts. She is the author of the Tales from the Mountain of Perun duology. Her short fiction has appeared in the Sirens Call and Every Day Fiction ezines. She would love to hear from you on her Facebook page


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