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I’ve been living it up like I thought I never would
Things appear to be going the way they should.

My ex tells me it’s just a disguise
That I’m going to discover one day
All the voices in my head are just lies
I wish I had never let her get away.

When this bottle can’t do it anymore
When my regrets finally get the better of me
When I once again wake up on the floor
Lord I think I’ve lost my sanity.

I can’t suppress the fact that my life is a mess
I think I’ve stuck this needle in my vein for the last time.

Now I’m locked in this dark forlorn bed room
The need to get my fix burgeons — I’m hoping this time
It’ll send me to my tomb.

Read a couple scriptures but I can’t commit
So tonight I’m going to take another hit
My childhood trauma comes back and I can’t forget.

I’ve spent my last night at the wishing well
My ex was right I’ve sent my soul to hell
Life isn’t known for its fairytales
But simply all its farewells.

This is my farewell.


Austin Spradlin is a 25-year-old writer. His work can be found in Serial Killer Magazine. Fahrenheit Books. He recently made his screenwriting debut in an upcoming horror film (title under contract.)


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