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Like sparkles of dreamery – fantasy,

born from hundreds of thoughts and from memories,

you compass the world of mythology.

Here and there plenty of effusions.


Fairy – she-paramour of druids, priests,

kiss a fairway of starlets and the moon!

In you a hope of dazzling, wistful bards.

Ancient is the myth like cave of Plato.


You go away and fly away  such eagle.

The mirror of ontology shows time.

Your poetries so delicate such  flax.

Eudemonia will live softly in us.


You are autumn fantasy, born from oak.

Like rain of demand you fill chivalry.

Stars of non-destruction need your verdict.

Thoughts with miracles - vast eternity.


The soft-mossy tombstones are only yours.

Such rook you sing song - bards-desperados.

I adore Kant’s heaven – it is my time.

The bards honor the autumnal fairies.  


Such refreshing yesterday-rain you are.

You are inspired like dreamy Erlkings.

You  narrate  myths, legends – having a glaive.

You glare at a mirror of timelessness.


In clouds of homeland dreameries come true,

when your romantic tear – fay-like tear-gem,

becharms a world of the Morningstar –  whole.

Pixie, your canzone is crystal clear.


Midnight, the winglets of dreams carry you,

when  the thousands of kings of oaks wake up. 

Sparrows, magpies think of heaven – it’s blue,

filled with comet-dust and star-dust of mine.


Monuments of distant and drunk nature,

praise your meek, amaranthine liberty.

You are sprite – she-guide of Nature-mother

Through, like rainbow-shine, dreamed eternity.


glaive – archaic: sword


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