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What a weekend,

How great was that?

Total mayhem,

Too much of that.

Sliding down the walls,

Excessive sweating too,

Can't keep still,

Body is aching through and through.

Then come the shivers,

Poison in my blood,

Wish I could detox,

Gun in my hand, I really would.

Too wired for sleep,

Too tired to be awake,

Rolling around on the sofa,

Rolling around like a snake.

Close my eyes,

To escape this mess,

Demons inside of me,

Parts to readdress.

Something is calling,

Telling you what to do,

Jump over that balcony,

Soon it will be over for you. 

Conflicted on the inside,

And on the outside too,

Pain feels like infinity,

My head is splitting in two.

Need to hold on,

It's just a phase,

Time is ticking,

Caught in a maze.

Spirit is pulled down,

Beneath the sewer,

Climb up the greasy pole,

Tumble and flutter.

Terror is a plenty,

Nervous as hell,

Judders and shaking,

I've got a soul to sell. 

Oh why oh why,

Do I do this to me,

Every now and then,

Something escapes me. 

Hold on until the morn,

See how the head feels,

Maybe stop the scorn,

A nourishing meal. 

Get through this day,

Anyway, anyhow,

Relaxing music,

Come inside me now. 

Never again,

Will I do this to me,

Never again,

It's not for me.


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