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Thank god we no longer exist,

A couple,


A faded mist

Smiles and laughter,

At times it was great,

Who could be dafter?,

Oh for f**k sake. 

Then the intimacy began,

Between us two,

Drinking and flirting,

I've got feelings for you.

Kisses, a connection,

We embrace,

This feel's good,

I like the chase.


A tear begins to form,

Why are you crying baby?

This isn't the norm.

What's going on?

We were having fun. 

I know, I can't help it.

I'm scared of being shunned.

That killed it,

Right away,

Feeling automatically,


On it went between us,

Up and down.

Yes I know I had shit going on,

I can be a clown. 

No passion between us,

Creating an emotional glue,

Why can't you let go with me baby?

I don't have a clue.

A wedge is formed,

Between us now,

What am I doing with you,

You're a silly cow. 

Living together,

In separate rooms,

House mates they are called.

Maybe this can work for you. 

Critical, pointing,

At my faults,

Feels like we're still together,

Attacking me with your verbal bolts.


I begin to slide,

Tiredness at first,

Just want to hide.

The toxicity continues,

Between us now,

Energy is sucked from me,

Get your claws out - meow.

I can't go on,

Living this way,

This is my home,

I don't want you to stay.

Right decision for me,

Away from your emotional blackmail,

At times it felt hellish,

Heartache, full swell.

Get away,

From me,

Get gone, 

To your own place.

Demons in you,

Hide it so well,

Throwing it,

In my face.

Thank god it's over,

Maybe I can sleep at night,

Just want no drama,

No more fights.


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