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 Boys, boys, boys,

Who do you wanna be,

A good boy, naughty boy, or

An apple from a bad tree.

 Boys, boys, boys,

The choice is yours to see,

Read book's, University,

Safe, reliable.

 Boys, boys, boys,

What do you want to do?,

Fighting, earning, and screwing,

No consistency for you. 

 Boys, boys, boys,

What you going to do?,

Robbery & murder,

Long jail sentence for you.

 Wanting fun times,

Wanting food,

Wanting money,

Got to be shrewd.

 Feds out there,

On the estates visibly,

Camera's and cuffs at the ready,

Make this type of life temporary.

 Dance the night away,

Feeling high,

Chance your life away,

Use that zombie knife.

Make a plan for the future,

Make them in the hood,

Make some positive choices,

Make them, you should. 

 Whatever you want to say,

Will impacts on your sorrows,

Whatever you want to do today,

Will impact on tomorrow.

Boys, boys, boys,

You can be who you want to be,

Just make sure you look ahead,

On the journey ahead of thee.


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