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Hello my old friend, 

How are you?

My name is depression, 

And I'm going to destroy you. 

Fuck off,

 Go away,

No time to deal with you,

Working hard to move on, don't lead me astray. 

No need to swear, 

Oh buddy you see,

I'll drag you down from the insides,


Get away you fool, 

I'll do my best,

Talking, Tablets, Therapy,

 Then i'll rest. 

Yes you will, 

I'll keep my eye on you,

You'll not get away so easy,

Lethargic, down, feeling like poo. 

I'm not giving in,

I've got a life to lead,

I need to numb the pain,

Pass me that mead. 

That's the one,

Push me away,

Feel high for a while, when you come round.

You'll feel like doomsday. 

Feel tired and frustated,

Over what to do,

No matter how hard I try,

I can't lose you. 

That's a good boy, 

Your learning the rule's,

I'm here to stay,

Deep inside that spiritual pool. 

You can get fucked,

Your not going to stay,

Trying Ayahausca,

Get off me, go away. 

Oh silly boy,

Layers of torment from me,

A little psychedelic,

You can't stop my destructive tree. 

Yes I will,

I've seen the light,

Your just shit from the past,

Extinguish, good night.

Ha ha, only for a while.

Whilst your sleeping at night,

Disrupt your sub-conscious,

Too right.

This is game, I'm not going to lose,

Fight to the end,

Waiting for you to make,

Another move. 

Don't worry I'm here,

That's what friends are for,

Create some shit for you,

Cause you a storm. 

This is the dance we play,

Up all night,

Numb to reality,

During the day time. 

Yes my friend, 

You can't get away,

Dance moves a plenty,

I've got them all.

No matter what I do,

To escape you,

I can't seem to win,

I'm ruined by you. 

Won't walk off a ledge,

Or Breakdown Nervously,

Won't tie a rope round my neck,

Feel so hopelessly.

I never thought, 

My identity,

Would be controlled you,

So completely.


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