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"Are you sure that's all that's missing?"

The detective looked inquisitively at the teary socialite. "Yes officer. That's all that was taken."  Detective Miller shook his head as he looked around the plush penthouse apartment. Who gets robbed of a single high heal shoe??

"Please go over what happen one more time." The woman sighed and repeated the story that she had told the detective just 5 minutes earlier.  She had come home last night after a fundraiser for the arts, escorted by "Garrett", a young man she had met at the event. The two of them had coffee and chatted for a while before he finally left to go home.  He had left around 1 AM and she had immediately gone to bed.  The next morning, she noticed the door to her apartment ajar and on searching her apartment she had found one of her high fashion shoes to be missing. "Someone must have come in during the night and taken it."

Miller shook his head as he pondered the story.  The story made no sense.  Who would want a single shoe?

Looking around the room once again, his eyes caught a small bump on the bed, just under the bed sheet.  Casually, he walked over and pulled off the rumpled sheet from the bed.  A thud could be heard as something fell out of the sheet, landing just to the right of the bed.  A shoe.  The missing shoe.

"Oh," replied the embarrassed socialite, turning red as she looked at the detective. "Looks like you found it."

Miller turned away from the woman to hide his grin.  No one back at the precinct was going the believe this story…….


The End


Author’s Bio:   Tom Schmidt is a Chemical Engineer working in medical diagnostics in upstate New York.  He enjoys creative writing and has been published on and in in the past.  He is currently working on the “Paul Garigan Crime Mysteries”, a collection of short stories centered around a Malibu based police detective which he hopes to publish in the future.  Tom can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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