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The Right Light

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Robert Caires sat in the dark, watching a muted television and eating hard-boiled eggs from a bowl. When he heard what sounded like teenagers laughing and cursing in the night outside, he placed the bowl on the faded pink fabric of the arm of the chair. He looked from the eggs to the bowl to the chair. His wife had loved this chair and he had always hated it; but she was long gone now and he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of it.


Willow Meadows

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Fireflies glide across the smooth surface of the pool and above branches of a young Bodhi tree shake as a blue jay takes flight batting its wings against the hot Texas day full across the backyard and up, up, up to perch as judge on the top branch of a leafy oak tree that’s been here much longer than us.



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The weather is hot and muggy but it is July. The day is beautiful. I stand in my wedding dress and feel like a princess. Like all the princesses I saw on TV and in the movies. I will be married in a few hours. I am eighteen years and excited, yet I have no idea what I am getting myself into. The man I am to marry is someone I have chosen, I think.


The Bitch and The Chihuahua

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One early Saturday morning Grady Stockdale decided to put his mind to work on a book of crosswords at the local coffee shop, The Coffee Garden. It was a lethally hot muggy Atlanta morning and all Grady wanted was his iced coffee, his cigarillo, and his crosswords. He checked his silver wristwatch: 9:13. He checked his shirt front pocket: two cigarillos. Grady pulled one out and lit the cigarillo with three matches at once enjoying his walk to The Coffee Garden.


A Small, Gold Locket

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Most babies are given a blanket, or a teddy bear, something soft and safe that they can grow attached to. Something that their parents will be able to tease them about in front of their future boyfriends and girlfriends.

Not me. I, Dawn Hunter, first grew attached to something that wasn't even mine to attach to. My mother wore a small, gold locket that her mother wore before her. When I was crying she would pick me up and my eyes would fixate on the locket and I would suddenly become calm.


Creepy Crawlies

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Lena Holmes, a model, was offered a part in a movie, and she found stardom.

As is common, fame and fortune can make significant changes in a person's personality. So it was with Lena Holmes. She became difficult to work with and bullied everyone with whom she worked. Lena wanted her body from her face to her toes perfect, so she hired a chemist to create shampoo, creams for her face, her neck, her arms, and every other place where skin could be seen.


Unlucky Sparks

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The red Audi S5 took the curve too quickly, spun its rubber and flipped into the ditch. Leighton slowed his gray Subaru Impreza to the shoulder and leaped out.

Only a week ago, he had signed the papers to make the divorce final. He had felt so bad about it and almost returned to a drinking habit he had cured long ago, but thus far, he had only bought a bottle of Maker's Mark without indulging. All of that at this point seemed so pointless. After all lots of people have it rough- much rougher than him- just like the poor driver of the Audi.


War of Conquest

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April 6, 1862

The vampire was so full he thought he might vomit. It had been a day of blood. When the two great armies had clashed in what would become a disorganized and costly battle, the ground he now stood on had been a meandering forest of bare trees and thick brush. Now that the day was over, the ground was something different - a virtual blanket of spilt blood and shattered bodies. Many of the smaller trees had been split in half by the cannon fire and the constant volley of musket balls, rendering the field of battle into a cursed land of death.

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