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It was a cold and snowy night in Saint Louis, Missouri, yet the Riot Area was packed to the gills for Tremendous Wrestling Organization’s biggest event of the year, SuperPlex Fest with the most intense and boisterous crowd imaginable! On this night was the unprecedented five-year anniversary of the top wrestler in the world and the namesake for the entire organization, Tremendous Beyond Omega’s T.W.O. World Heavyweight Championship reign. And he was defending the prestigious title against the young undefeated and prominent superstar, White Thunder. Omega truly liked Thunder as a human being, but was insanely jealous of him because the young man was green, only one year in the organization, 23-years-old, and the management’s choice for the next champ and ‘face’ of the company.

Although Tremendous Beyond Omega, real name unknown to the masses of fans, James Miller, was undoubtedly the best wrestler to ever lace up the boots and step into the squared circle, he was now of considerable age, and a hard forty plus years of grappling had rendered the juggernaut in the ring as broken and physically battered. After reaching the top and saying for twenty years of shattered bones, torn muscles and a forehead that looked like a worn-out piece of leather, he was now, finally, at the end of his long contract, and had just one more match to get through to collect his final pay and retire from the ring. Keith Candor, the general manager by name and owner of the T.W.O., had already promised James a position in the organization as a manager, color commentator or backstage trainer of new superstars. It was totally up to James what to do next. At least he was set financially for the rest of his life.

The six-foot eight, two-hundred and fifty-pounder finished gearing up, took a look in mirror, sighed at his old and weathered appearance, sagging muscles and scars from surgery and the ring, then slowly walked to his locker room door to prepare for the pre-match interview. Although the most successful pro-wrestler in history, with five U.W.O. title reigns, the Universal Wrestling Organization, the company prior to which morphed into the T.W.O. after incorporating the two of the top wrestling organizations in the country, and five T.W.O. title reigns including the current of five years, the fans had adopted new superstars to support and he was turned ‘heel’ for the past year and half. As a ‘heel’, although hated by the T.W.O. universe and regularly booed and jeered, he was still well respected. The record crowd in attendance of over 100,000 thousand souls and millions watching all over the globe were ready to send him off with furious cheers and heartfelt tears.

After leaving his dressing room and putting on his arrogant and haughty swerve, dressed in his multi-colored classic 80’s style tights, flashy purple boots, sunglasses, and sparkling do-rag to hide his bald spot on what used to hold a head of long, flowing blonde locks, he reached his destination. As soon as stepping foot within the interview room, James was transformed, and despite feeling every second of his 60 years of age, his great pain had subsided, and not just with the cameras and lights and fanfare. The eight bottles of pills and the injections he took finally kicked in, and he was flying higher than ever. Granted, what he took was illegal and against company policy however, since this was his last match, and since his last drug test was weeks ago, he poured it down his throat to perform as best as he absolutely could for his retirement match. His plan was to enter rehab immediately after this match, spend months to a year cleaning himself up and healing from the multiple surgeries he needed, then return to the T.W.O. in some light capacity being in good health to watch his grandkids grow and be there for his family; something he had never been able to do before. Once on center stage to take reporter questions he began, 
“Beyond being Tremendous, reaching the level of the Omega, I have arrived! TBO is ready for this glorious day! His anniversary! The celebration of the day when the wrestling world said goodbye to all the low-life reject jabronies who held this magical world title for days while Omega was off, before coughing and spitting it up like shot of turpentine, and said hello to the greatest superstar this world; this solar system; this entire universe has ever laid eyes upon! For Tremendous Beyond Omega will once again defend the championship gold and defeat yet another wana-be puke in record time! Again, just as he has done a multitude of times over the past five years of this title reign and how he’s done in the three decades of wrestling, proving himself, without a doubt, as the greatest champion in the history of professional wrestling!”

“ Tremendous, how can you refer to White Thunder as a quote, ‘wana-be puke’, when he has gone undefeated in his first forty matches here in T.W.O. and defeated some of wrestling’s top superstars?” Billy J, the top reporter for the T.W.O. said.

“Undefeated in forty matches, pish-posh! You call the jabronies this, White Thunder, has defeated superstars? Ha! The kid has skills, Tremendous knows this, but listen up! This run at fame the young man’s takin’ is about to end! For the god of wrestling, Tremendous, promises, he WILL, silence the thunder and move the storm clouds out the sky, leaving nothing but the hot sun to shine upon the most supreme wrestler of all time, Tremendous Beyond Omega!”

“Sammy Bash from the All-Pro Wrestling Gazette here. Mr. Omega, do you think after your, supposed, victory tonight you will start to take on the top superstars of T.W.O? After all, it’s been over six months since you have defended the title against a top-ranked wrestler. The fans’ are growing tired of this charade and have started to call you a ‘fake’ champion and are now looking at the Italian Superstar, Johnny Roast Beef, the North American Champion, as the top champion here in the T.W.O. I think maybe after tonight they should rename this organization as the Thunder Wrestling Organization!”

“Tremendous Beyond Omega says you better shut that hole under your crooked little nose before he decides to bash it into a bloody muddle! Omega is now, has been, and always will be the uppermost wrestler there is, and this TREMENDOUS Wrestling Organization’s World Championship is proof, beyond any shadow of a doubt; you hobbit-sized flabatron!”

Tremendous gallivanted away from the flashing cameras and screaming reporters and made his way to the backstage curtain, where he paused, popped one last upper he had hidden in his tights and calmly spent the next fifteen minutes waiting for his theme music to start, eyes closed. And when The Tremendous Anthem started thumping, the fans started cheering loudly out of respect and his blood started boiling. Tremendous Beyond Omega stepped out to the aisle as the fireworks blasted all around him and his opponent, White Thunder, stood like a berg of ice six-foot five three-hundred-pound ice wearing a dark blue singlet in the middle of ring waiting for the war to begin!

While serving down to ringside, he felt it, like a dagger being thrust into his chest which would have made a normal man fold up where he stood and hit the ground in agony. Tremendous merely grimaced and walked faster to the ring. After his in-ring intro performance, the agony was unbearable, and the entire right side of his body felt numb. This wouldn’t stop him though. He had to complete the match. He had already decided not to lose. White Thunder knew nothing of this plan. The referee, Parnell Denis, his oldest friend did though, and after a quick count on a roll-up pin Tremendous would retire as champion and the man who beat the streak of the hottest young superstar in history. He felt he deserved this. Especially after sticking with the company though all of the up and downs including months at a time through the 1990’s of getting no pay at all.
The bell rang. The fans were livid. And he had no strength for his usual banter and pre-match performance. Parnell looked at him in a panic. He knew. Tremendous and Thunder locked up, and after grappling for a short time, Thunder pushed forward, and Tremendous fell flat upon on his back. The fans went silent. The lights faded. And everything went black.

The five-year anniversary was there before he knew it. Five years since that fateful night. SuperPlex Fest 2022 had finally arrived, and Tremendous Beyond Omega was ready to regain his lost title. The T.W.O hadn’t been back the Riot Arena in Saint Louis in all this time, and Tremendous had waited, patiently and silently for this day to come. The fans were, as usual, insane, and his opponent, the current champion, Jim Danger, was in the ring and ready.

Tremendous was ready as well. To lock up. And to gain his title back!

The bell rang. Tremendous, looking at himself, was momentarily confused. These weren’t his hands! These weren’t his arms! And these certainly weren’t his boots! But no matter! All he could think about was the belt, the Tremendous Wrestling Organization World Heavyweight Championship. He couldn’t lose. He had to get his belt back. To prove to the fans that he was the best in the world. And to finally retire, as champion!

He wrestled a flawless match. Every move was his own and nothing Danger could do would work, and when his opponent became belligerent, he rolled him up, just as he was to do five years prior! He became victorious! And the ring announcer’s voice rang out,

“Here is your winner, by pin fall, and the new Tremendous Wrestling Organization World Heavyweight Championnnnn ……. The Professional!”

Tremendous Beyond Omega disappeared, downtrodden and confused.

All-Pro Wrestling Gazette dot com – October 22nd, 2027

Johnny Bash here, to give you, the wrestling news, fans deserve! After the 2022 SuperPlex Fest at the Riot Arena in Saint Louis Missouri, as you all remember, we saw the most bizarre of circumstances. The show was slated for a tribute to the late, great wrestler, the greatest champion of all time, Tremendous Beyond Omega, who tragically died in the ring at the 2017 event in what was to be his final match. We all remember The Professional, after strangely using all of Tremendous’ moves in the most bizarre night of wrestling in history, won the match, with a roll up, and the quick count of three by referee Parnell Denis. Well, it happened again! Last night, in a house show at the Riot Area, Parnell Denis was once again the official, and this time, champion Johnny Roast Beef, was defeated by the 400-pound monster, Big Shamu, in what was supposed to be a squash match with Roast Beef retaining the title! Not only that, but Big Shamu, despite his size and lack of mobility, used all Tremendous Beyond Omega’s moves, including the top rope Omega Splash! We’re not sure how the T.W.O. is planning on handling this news, but I will keep you updated! One thing is for sure, just as The Professional a few years ago, Big Shamu has no memory of the match, remaining confused about the happenings, and flabbergasted at the video footage of himself! Another update is forthcoming as I find out more info about this hauntingly odd event!

Sammy Bash
Writer and Editor
All-pro Wrestling Gazette dot com


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