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She was completely perfect until that day and we got home and discovered what she had done.

     We thought a clone as a nanny for the child would be beneficial but we were wrong. It was my wife’s idea because she didn’t want an android in the home.

     The technicians at CLONR guaranteed us there would be no problems and could filter out any defects of character. My wife was specifically worried about that because she had received psychological treatment when she was a girl. Her mother had murdered her father in front of her.

     Our son was only four weeks old when we applied for the cloning procedure.

     We paid the fee and two weeks later Rosalee was ready to be collected. She was very polite and exceptionally pretty as my wife was when I first met her, almost a younger version of her. What set them apart completely was Rosalee’s hair. All clones have blue hair and are unable to grow fingernails and toenails. 

      Rosalee quickly bonded with us and the baby and was even dutiful to me, preparing dinner, even picking my clothes for work, but I noticed she became jealous and competitive very quickly, and would retreat to her quarters to sulk.

     I contacted CLONR and the technicians reassured me it was only an adjustment phase.

     Jealousy is something which my wife never suffered from, or something I never witnessed with her.

     One afternoon my wife was in the city with our son attending an appointment. He was growing slowly and the doctors had explained to us it was all to do with him being premature at birth. I was at home with Rosalee having a scheduled day off work. I was a real estate broker then.

     We lived on the fifty-third floor of an apartment complex and sometimes she would stand at the big plate glass window looking at the traffic below.

     “ They look like tiny swirling dots, “ she would say. “ I’m scared of going down there. I’m scared I may get lost. “

     That afternoon, she turned from the window to me and said, “ Mark, you really should have gone against her wishes and got an android. “ 

      She went to her quarters and returned a short time later and was scantily clad and did her best to seduce me. She sat across my lap and tried to kiss me and when I refused her advances she slapped me across the mouth and did this. See here? The scar inside my lip? 

     I’ve since sold the apartment.

     The autopsy report states she never experienced sexual contact. It’s forbidden by law to have sexual relations with a clone. You’re the Police and know that. I’m giving you my statement again. You’ll cross-check that. I know. 

     Please be lenient with my wife. It’s not her fault.

     When my wife returned with our son Rosalee was herself again and charming and my wondered what happened to my lip.

     “ Oh, I backhanded myself to do exercises, “ I said.

     Rosalee was holding the child up and coo-cooing and being motherly and gave me a sideways glance. I felt guilty and had done nothing wrong but now I was guilty because now I was lying to my wife. It’s against the law. I know that. But even the Supreme Court acquitted me. 

     “ You look like you’ve been slapped, “ my wife remarked, then asked Rosalee playfully, “ Have you two been fighting? “ 

     “ No, Missus Godfrey, “ Rosalee said. “ He’s telling the truth, aren’t you, Mark? I saw it myself. I had to clean up such a mess. “

     My wife wasn’t convinced, I could tell, but she didn’t push the issue.

     Rosalee said, “ Why don’t you two go out for dinner tonight? I can take care of the little one and I’ll prepare supper for when you get home. “

     “ Oh, darling, “ my wife said, placing her hand on my chest. “ That sounds wonderful. Can we? “

     “ Yes, my love, “ I said. “ I’ll make arrangements immediately “

     We went for dinner at The Cyberwise Empress. It has an amazing variety of new and old style cooking and its prices are reasonable.  It was her choice.

     At dinner my wife could see I was troubled, asking, “ You’re not yourself tonight. What happened between you and Rosalee? You’ve been nervous ever since I got home. “

     “ We should have got an android, “ I confessed. “ There’s something wrong with her. She tried to seduce me and I refused her. She gets violent. “

     My wife - whom you know as Polly Godfrey - chuckled, “ She tried to seduce you?  Well, she is my clone, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’ll do better and seduce you when we get home. “

     “ In what? The small near translucent fishnets Rosalee put on earlier? “

     “ Really? She found those? I told her she was welcome to my wardrobe but I didn’t think she’d go that far. Don’t worry, my love. I’ll fix it all when we get home. I’ll correct her. “

     It didn’t end up that way.

     When we got home the entire apartment was in darkness, except for the kitchen. 

     I turned on the lights and Rosalee was by the window. She so much enjoyed looking down at the street from. I could smell a chicken roast being overcooked in the oven. 

     My wife went to check on our son in his nursery Rosalee kept standing by the window,

       “ I think your chicken is done, “ I said. “ I’ll check that for you. “

       As I stepped to the oven, Rosalee said, “Do you remember, Mark, when we went to Vienna? I fell pregnant then. Within days I knew I’d have a son. I loved all his little kicks inside me and how I could speak to him in my womb. He was so good but not the child I remember. “

     That wasn’t real, Rosalee. You’re upset right now. Go to bed and I’ll see you in the morning. “

     “ But I remember it, Mark. “ 

     She was so sincere in her eyes.

     “ I feel everything, “ Rosalee said. “ I am so sorry. She wants to set you free, deep down, but will never tell you. I can. She  never wanted a child and I did. I love you more than she does. Don’t forget… The apple apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. “   

     Now I was scared.

 I went to the oven and opened it. 

When I slid the tray out I saw she had roasted my tiny son. His skin was crisp and fingers curled and the eyes sunken, leg kicking outward frozen by the heat. I was too shocked to cry out.  

     My wife ran into the room screaming in horror and pain and shoved Rosalee through the window. Glass shattered. She fell. She splattered. She died.

     I’ve told you all this before.

     Be lenient with my wife but don’t ever let her out.


L Christopher Hennessy lives in Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia. His poetry and stories have been published worldwide. He lives quietly and should probably have a cat.




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