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I remember the first night we met.

I told you that you had the most amazing eyes.

You smiled and blushed.

You were so beautiful.

After some small talk you finally agreed to dinner.

Our first date still warms my heart.

That purple dress really made your green eyes sparkle.

Every head turned as we walked into the restaurant.

Men wanted you and women envied you.

After dinner we walked along the river, gazing at the star-filled sky.

We stopped to sit on the bench, your head resting on my shoulder.

Later I drove you home and kissed you goodnight at your door.

Now it is our third date and I planned a romantic evening at my place.

Rose petals cover the bed and scented candles provide the light.

Soft Jazz on the stereo and a bottle of Chteau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac.

You said the aromas of mint and black currant reminded you of a winery you visited while in college.

I compared the wine’s silky texture to your skin; you blushed and giggled.

I stared into your emerald eyes and all I could think was,

They will be the jewels of my collection.


Thomas James is an aspiring writer with interests in Web Design, Art, Weight Training, Fitness Instruction and Horror stories, novels and movies. His favorite and inspirational authors are H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Brian Lumley and Stephen King, and on occasion Shakespeare which he finds truly scary.

Thomas James currently resides year-round in Monmouth County, New Jersey, mostly because he cannot afford to move to Hawaii.

You can download his book "Of Pagan gods and Other Tales" from

Visit Thomas James at


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