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Jenny felt her frown fade a little as the feel of familiar arms wrap around her.

“What are you thinking, Jenny?” a voice asked. Jenny didn’t answer, preferring just to listen to the breathing of the person behind her. The man pressed up against her back, his arms lowering until they were placed firmly on her hips; she smiled.

“I’m thinking, Justin,” Jenny began as she rested her head against the chiselled body behind her, her smoke coloured hair fell loosely down her back tugging in places, but she ignored it.

“Yes?” Justin asked, mischievously poking his head up next to Jenny's; shaking it so his hair, tickled her nose. Jenny sneezed as she lightly beat her fists against Justin’s legs in petty revenge.

“I’m thinking of this new piece I need to write. For the party tonight. It’s... difficult.”

With a smile, Justin pulled Jenny away from the desk she had been sitting in front of and over to the small record player that had been placed on the shelf.

“What you need is inspiration!” Justin laughed as he quickly grabbed a record seemingly at random from the haphazard stack next to the player and put it on. With a giggle and a tug, Justin spun Jenny round and round to the upbeat tune; the singers expertly belting out a tale of hope and triumph.

Spinning around, Jenny studied Justin; his blue hair, flowing as though it seemed to have a life of its own; the two beautiful red orbs that were his eyes, aglow with hope and something she couldn’t quite place. His pure white shorts and shirt always reminded Jenny of the finely bleached coral near the ocean she played in as a child.

As the song slowed nearing its end, Jenny floated gently along with Justin, relishing the feeling of their bodies pressed together. As she snuggled down, burying her forehead into Justin's neck, she envisioned the man she was holding.

“Jenny, you’re humming,” Justin said gently. Jenny ignored him for another few minutes before replying.

“I am, and I’ve just found the perfect thing to play.” Quickly she untangled herself from Justin, running a hand through his hair before shoving her dance partner towards the door.




Two days later, Justin was standing in the auditorium of the town hall, decked out in a simple blue shirt and black pants. He ignored the looks from the high society who fluttered around, his focus entirely centred on the woman with the long hair and alluring gaze that stood upon the stage; Cello propped up against her.

A rather plastic looking blonde shared the stage, a microphone in hand as she smiled blandly down at her audience.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, for your entertainment, we would like to welcome Ms. Jenny to the stage. She’ll be playing her newly composed song: Pools of Red.”

Justin watched; breath practically non-existent as the stage darkened and the spot light was centred on the beautiful girl with the Cello.

The first notes played and two pools of red watched from the crowed, a single tear sliding down Justin's check.


Hayatecooper is an aspiring Australian novelist. When not spending his time playing Video games or reading. He works on completing his Game design degree and dreaming up ideas for his next story.


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