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Life is distant, the walls are silent but hollow. I hear the echoes. I can hear his laugh. He is taunting me. As I sit in the never-ending abyss. The ground is transparent, I see life as it moves. But I stand still. Through the fog, I see a glass. I reach trying to grasp life. I grab onto the fog. Hoping it will pull me in. The force pushes me back. I am broken.


My life is in pieces. As I watch the fog get thicker. I reach again. Trying to grab onto something real. But I fail. The laugh gets louder. I reach again knowing I will fail. My feet go limp my body is gone. I am falling, I know that now. As I feel the wind hit my face. I see the clouds close in. I am stuck.

What Am I?

I am nothing


I fall. Where Am I?

The walls are warm, my feet are bare.

Everything is bright.

I see greenery everywhere.

I am in heaven.

The wall turns.

I look around, everything is dark.

I see violence, anger, sadness.

This is hell.

I no longer can see the difference.


I feel lifted.

I look down to see I am being pulled up.

I see the hell getting smaller and smaller.

I smile, I am content.

I soon am above the clouds.

I feel I am flying.

I am not restrained.

I am not in the present nor am I in the past.

I am in my own endless time.

I close my eyes.

I fall.

The winds slaps me at every turn.

I try to grasp onto something, anything.

I continue to fall.



I smell the burning of my skin.

I jump up.

My eyes wide.

Where am I ?

This is not heaven, nor is it hell.

I reach to my side.

The pain grows.

MY body is burning.

I become a flame, and there is not water to put me out.

I scream.


The water hits me, I am calm.

I sit.

Breathing slowly, I feel the fire disappear.

I wait knowing he is coming.

I hear his laugh.

His footsteps everywhere.

There is no point in running.

There is nowhere to go.


I can hear his footsteps getting louder.

He is close.

I lessen my breathing.

I feel a light tap on my shoulder.

I look up there is no one there.

He is taunting me.

I hear his laughs echoing through the walls.


I curl up in a ball closing my eyes waiting.


I open my eyes.

The floor is no longer hot but warm.

I stand up.

Looking around I hear no noise.

I stand still.

Waiting, as I know what is to come.


The floors start to turn.

I can feel heat hitting my face.

I see the walls start to turn.

I close my eyes, preparing myself.


I see the sun.

The flowers are bright.

The lands is vast.

I see the people, going about their daily business.
I think to myself, this must be a dream.

I turn around.

I am right.

The glass that contains me, holds me from freedom.

I see the world move on.

As I watch.

I try and reach out towards the sun.

How I miss the flowers.

The smell of the salty sea water.

The patterning of children's feet and their little laughs.




Bio: My name is Jewel Chever I was born and raised in CT I grew up loving writing and mysteries and all array of genres. I am a high school​​ student looking for a better future and new beginnings. Writing has always brought me happiness and through my writing, I have heard I bring happiness to others.  I live with my mother in Willimantic CT


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