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In the companionless silence of a dear Madam, her remnants reminisce. 

"The shadowed realm of my undoing, where the light of memory once burned bright, I find myself ensnared, a captive to a spectral predator that feasts not upon the crimson ichor coursing through my veins but rather upon the ethereal essence of my cherished recollections. A vampire unseen by the eyes of those who pass me by, an apparition that haunts the corridors of my mind, voraciously imbibing the elixir of remembrance. Oh, the silent agony that courses through me as each cherished fragment is wrested away, leaving naught but the hollow echoes of what once was.

In the veiled tapestry of my existence, the vampire moves with malevolent grace, an unseen wraith that dances upon the precipice of my cognizance. With phantom fangs, he delves into the sacred sanctum of my memories, each biting a macabre communion that drains the marrow of my past. I hear the insidious whispers, the sibilant susurrations of a creature that preys not on the flesh but upon the very fabric of my being. My cries reverberate in the emptiness, unheard, lost in the vast expanse of my internal abyss.

The relentless march of time becomes a cruel accomplice in this danse macabre, as the vampire, insatiable in his thirst, strips away the vestiges of my yesteryears. Faces once familiar now drift into the mists of forgotten realms, their features obscured by the tendrils of an unseen fog. Places and moments, once vivid strokes upon the canvas of my mind, now blur into a formless tableau of fading hues, dissipating like ephemeral phantoms in the predawn light.

How grievously I mourn the impending demise of my cognitive kingdom, where cherished realms are lost to the predilections of this spectral succubus. The very essence of my identity, the coalescence of all that I hold dear, slips through my grasp like grains of sand in an inexorable hourglass. In the twilight of my cognition, I stand bereft, a mere silhouette cast against the eroding façade of my existence.

Yet, in the maelstrom of this cognitive decay, a paradox emerges—an awareness that the ephemeral nature of my recollections casts a faint but discernible light upon the inevitability of my temporal frailty. As the vampire continues his clandestine banquet, I find solace in the defiance of my silent screams, a testament to the enduring spirit that persists even as the tapestry of my memories unravels. The invisible predator may gorge upon the banquet of my past but in the cavernous recesses of my soul, a flame flickers, a testament to the indomitable will that persists even in the face of an ethereal nemesis.

Oh, wretched soul, encaged in the fleeting vessel of mortal clay, I stand amidst the ruins of temporal sanctity, ensnared in the dolorous web woven by a vampiric phantom. Time, that once pliant companion, now assumes the guise of a relentless adversary, as a spectral fiend, unseen by mortal eyes, siphons away the very marrow of my existence. In this cosmic theater, where the celestial spheres revolve with measured indifference, I, an unwitting protagonist, bear witness to the insidious predation that usurps the sanctity of my fleeting moments.

Behold, the sands of my mortal hourglass cascade with alarming haste, as the vampiric entity, an ephemeral denizen of the shadows, sups voraciously upon the font of my memories. His spectral fangs, ethereal conduits of temporal predation, pierce the sacred veil that shrouds the sanctuary of my past. In the symphony of diminishing heartbeats, I discern the mournful dirge of my temporal requiem, as the unseen antagonist feasts upon the banquet of recollections that once adorned the tapestry of my soul.

With each stolen fragment, the visage of my existence morphs into a nebulous visage, dissolving into the abyss of forgotten epochs. The cherished faces, the tender embrace of moments once held dear, all crumble like ephemeral relics in the sepulcher of memory. Alas, I scream, not with vocal chords but with the silent resonance of a soul besieged, as the vampiric entity, impervious to mortal pleas, revels in the banquet of my undoing.

In the labyrinthine corridors of my mind, I traverse the realms of recollection, only to find the vestiges of my identity slipping through my grasp like ethereal vapors. The inexorable march of temporal dissolution leaves me bereft, a mere silhouette upon the shores of existence. As the celestial spheres conspire in their celestial dance, I, the unwitting muse of temporal discord, being consigned to the inexorable fate of ephemeral dissolution.

Oh, how cruel this cosmic jest, where the unseen adversary, impervious to the plaintive cries of my beleaguered spirit, orchestrates a macabre ballet upon the stage of my fading consciousness. The elixir of time, once bountiful nectar, now drains from my cupped hands like tears into the maw of oblivion. In this solemn monologue of temporal despair, I lament the imminent demise of my cognitive kingdom, the silent screams echoing in the hollow chambers of my vanishing self."

Within the sterile confines of the convalescent chamber, a woman, once adorned with the radiant tapestry of familial bonds, now stands as an unwitting sentinel in the tempest of her unraveling. Encircled by benevolent faces, their countenances fraught with aching concern, she navigates the labyrinth of her cognitive decay, a solitary voyager ensnared by an unseen adversary dwelling within the recesses of her cerebral sanctum.

In the convalescent chamber's antiseptic embrace, familial figures gather, their hands reaching out in tender solicitude, their eyes reflecting an empathy tempered with the harsh truth of an insidious tumor's intrusion. The woman, a pilgrim of affliction, grapples with the paradoxical disjunction between the familiar and the unknowable. The hands that clasp hers, the eyes that seek recognition, all consigned to the shadows of her faltering comprehension as the malignant intruder tightens its grip on the tendrils of her understanding.

Within the hallowed precincts of the healing institution, the woman traverses the corridors of her confounding enigma. The tumor, an ominous progeny of sorrow, obscures the celestial light of her understanding, casting shadows upon the once-vivid tapestry of familial bonds. Each attempt at solace, each offered familiarity, met with the poignant recognition of a cognitive citadel besieged by an unseen adversary.

But even with said adversary, said malignant vampire, stalking this beloved madam born years yore, all her kin calls her saying the same thing in the Hispanic Language...

"Te amo Mama".

For My Grandma. 

I miss you


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