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The moony, dreamy naiad is awakened,

like pearl in the deepest marine finery.

She-muser of eternity seeks for hoard.

Choir: Muse's treasure amaranthine-gentle.

The naiad to dearest prentice: >Magical

is a hidden cavity, the wind told me.<

Apprentice: >We are awoken - faraway.

The deathless treasure abides for musing nymphs. <

The naiad went away to the hoary holt.

The pure star of the dear time sparkled for her sake.

She met the bewitched dryad - in tender copse.

The pupil in Magic wrapped in dream alone.

Choir: Naiad be ready to conversation!

About dryad-like secrets full of mettle.

Naiad wanted to speak fondly without woe.

The dryad belonged to her muse-like girlfriends.

Dryad: >I know, where the cave is located.

I am a meek guardian of that mystery.<

She could show the way into the muses-cave,

if naiad enchanted her, with dreamery.

Naiad: >I would say the most Ovidian words.

Immortalize bewitched thoughts! O holt-like owl,

which is over homeland - blooming such star-sparks.<

The dryad was for sentence under a spell.

She showed for naiad, into the hoard - the ways.

Choir: Take you, female in enchantment, this home!

Trainee of magic was simply proud of this.

He wrangled never with charm of the May time.


the paramour - beloved (female)

abide for - wait for (literary)

holt - grove (archaic)

the Pupil in magic - sorcerer's apprentice, in translation from Goethe

holt-like - forest-like, sylvan


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