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The springtime wakes up 

in may glory and dreams

in May-tender homeland

O! Dreamy moony spring

immortalize the enchantment

of the Naiad forever!

the pensiveness of a feather from crows

you are black such a muse-like falchion

thinker with many oboli

I listen to the obol that thinks in muses-paradise 

the skepticism is blooming in me

the courage of violets

you are heavenly blue like cherub-like gem

poet with a handful of oboli

I see the obol that writes about muse-like spell

the eudemonia is budding in me

the delight of a birdie

you are gray such a mermaid sesame

dreamer with all sorts of obol

I smell the obol that dreams of embers of sempiternity 

the Epicureanism  is flourishing in me

the beatitude of a cat 

you are golden like druidic land

philosopher with a little of oboli

I taste the obol that philosophizes about amaranthine ambrosia

the stoicism is flowering in me 

Oboli – plural of obolus


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