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For context's sake, the Übermensch, also translated as "superman" or "overman," is a concept developed by Friedrich Nietzsche in his philosophy. It represents the ideal of human potential and self-overcoming. The Übermensch is a person who has transcended the limitations and constraints of traditional morality and religion and has fully embraced their own will and power.

One could say that is the origin of the superhero idea.

The Übermensch, a light in the dark,

A beacon of hope, in the shadows of life,

Their strength and their will, a constant spark,

That guides them to greatness, free from strife.

The Übermensch, a being bold and true,

A master of self, in will and power, fused,

A creature of strength, in spirit, renewed,

A ruler of fate, with purpose, infused.

With every challenge, they rise anew,

Their spirit unbroken, their resolve unshaken,

Their will to power, a force that's true,

Their hearts, a fire, that's never mistaken

With godlike resolve, they pave their way,

A path of defiance, to norms they're not bound,

With every step, they transcend and sway,

In strength and spirit, they're genuinely renowned.

A master of self, they're candidly divine,

In their being, they're authentically godlike,

Their will to power, a never-ending shine,

Their spirit is unbroken, forever spike.

A force of nature, they can't be tamed,

A fire in the heart, that burns bright and true,

With every breath, they're truly proclaimed

A being, who's self-made and self-renewed.

The Übermensch, a creature of might,

A being of will, who's shining bright.

In case somebody reads this, to clarify, I am not German. I am Dominican.


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