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Didn't take a knife,

A gun,

Or Strangulation,

From anyone. 

No weapons of mass destruction,


No cloak and dagger stuff,


What you did,

When you left me,

What you did,

Utterly destroyed me. 

Don't love me anymore,

What am I to do?

Didn't see it coming,

Sliced in two. 

You were my best friend,

My lover, 

My rock,

And my support too.

I imagined us together,

For an eternity,

Emotions in sync,

Said we were meant to be. 

How am I meant to survive from this?

What do we tell the kids?

What is my purpose after this?

Seriously, what did I miss?

Is there someone else,

Behind this mystery,

An affair, a liaison,

I could put it behind me. 

Living for you,

Used to be so swell,

Living life without you,

Feels barren as hell.

We were a family,

A unit,


As one.

On my knees, 

Tears flowing, vulnerably,

Please don't do this,

You are the world to me. 

Underneath the ocean,

Drowning in despair,

My heart and soul given to you,

Turn your back like you don't care. 

Alone in my new place,


Weekend visiting rights for the kids,


Half the man I was,


Half the man I was,


Drink and drugs,

My self-medication,

Rocking on my sofa,

Mental Transformation.

So much pain,

Anxiety consumes me,

Not sure I can take anymore,

Disturbing thoughts daily.

Broken and torn,

Aimless and defeated,

Scattered and worn

Sleepless and not eating. 

Look in the mirror,

At the bum staring back at me,

Got two choices, 

Move on or end this rapidly. 

Shattered and scattered,

My heart and mind. 

Picking up the pieces,

You left behind,

Try as I might,

To forget you,

Hear stories from others,

What you get up too.




And Banter. 

A different person,

Away from from me,

Not the person I knew,

Who used to love me. 

Force myself, 

One step at time,

Told myself,

You're no longer mine. 

Piece by piece,

I become one,

Healing the hurt,

Time for number one.


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