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How can we see this through,

Rates rising, Inflation too,

How much more,

Can we take from you?

 Blame the war,

A far gone place,

Energy crisis,

In your face.

 Not of our making,

Nor the Russian people too,

NATO expansion,

Putin warned not too.

Costs are way too high,

Panic contagious,

Spreading everywhere,

Recovery will take ages.

 Global economists,

Opinions abound, 

The advice, 

Really not sound. 

 British Government,

Spending gone crazy,

World leaders shaking their heads,

'You really do amaze me'.

 Changes are here,

For a long time to see,

Changes have come,

To each and everyone of thee.

What is the working man,

To do,

Food banks are soaring,

Think I'll join the queue.

 Can't believe life has changed,


Can't believe life has become,


 Those out there cry,


Those out there cry,

Elites are behind this, you'll see. 

 Sell it all,

Sell it now.

Take it all,

I've got nothing left now. 

 This increase is a great mystery,

This increase causes stress for me,

What am I to do with no job,

No security.

 Think I'll take some drugs,

Join the beggars on the cold floor benches,

They seem happy whilst stoned and high,

Escaping from life's deep trenches


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