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All started in primary,

A little scolding,

A telling off,

Naughty little me. 

 Don't do what your told,

By those who are old,

Just like to be,

A little naughty.

Chase and kiss girls,

Love fighting too,

Ignore the teachers,

When they are shouting at you. 

 School is a laugh,

What is it supposed to be,

Reading books and learning,

I'd rather climb a tree.

 As time goes by,

The word is secondary,

Things are changing, 

Many opportunities,

 Thieving and pinching,

Fighting non stop too,

Don't pay attention to what the teachers say,

Come on, I'll have you. 

 No future, 

For you they say,

What do you know,

My life, my play. 

It's the crack, the buzz,

Drugs are the new currency for you,

Lets get on this earner,

I want those designer clothes too. 

 Credit card, fraud,

Blue collar crime too,

So many earner's,

Make sure they don't catch you.  

Then there's the girls,

So fit too,

Look at that body,

I just want to screw.

Risks and reward,

Take that too,

Keep my eye out for the old bill,

Nearly got nicked, phew. 

Moving on, moving up,

Hierarchy too,

Start importing loads,

This is brand new.

Another layer, 

Another life,

Now I've got a wife,

Just too much stress, and strife.

Take me away,

Take me far,

A new currency,

A new start.

 Dubai is where it's at,

Criminals here have different hats,

Fundamentally still the same too,

Money is money, and that's that.

 No matter where you go too,

Law of attraction,

Seems right,

Just for you. 

It's just you are,

In your DNA,

Won't live a standard life, 

Not for me, no way. 

Suddenly, life changes,

For all to see,

Looking at 15 years,


 Sitting alone,

In a cell,

With Bare walls, 

Feels like hell.

 All I've got,

Is my memories,

I smile and reflect,

It's been fun, being naughty. 


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