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 Hitler in our heads,

World cup victory of 66 too,

Bombing , SS, concentration camps,

Unfortunately there were a few .

These are the visions,

Das Faterland, Nazis for many of you,

Germany is not this way,

If you just open your eyes and see a new .

Discipline , order , 

Boss Clothing and many car making crews,

Number 1 in Europe ,

Can see why it’s ahead of the queue .

 Autobahns, train rides, public order

To the stew,

Cosmopolitan living, huge country, Bavarian mountains, 

Time has flew .

Expo real, Munich,

This is exciting, something new.

Getting blown away by the sheer size of it,

Property in Europe is really on the menu .

Prop tech, property funding,

Hello sir, I want to shake your hands too.

My name is Neil,

Let’s talk about opportunities in the UK for all of you .

 My current funder is a tosser,

Messing me about, start again,  oh poo. 

Got plenty of deals lined up,

Make reliable connections, professional. Does this deal appeal to you ?

 Brexit is looming,

Politicians makin all the noise, we have to see this through,

Business as normal, no-one is bothered,

Make a decision, people adapt, 

Get a grip heads of state in Britain and the EU.

 Come away with a smile on my face,

Plenty of contacts, brand new.

Late flight home, tired eyes,

I’d recommend Das Vaterland too.


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