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When I wish upon a star

I do not have to look too far

Because I hold my wishes in a Jar

because sitting right next to me

a wishing star that’s shining bright and true

is the loveliest star I ever knew,

It's true that stars are luminous plasma hues,

Billion years, they tend to twinkle and fade

but my little star for it seemed like eternity was made

I know your flaws,

You surely know mine

but like the heavens above entwine, a blazing comet shooting across the sky

our love shining, burning brightly like that comet

… the heavenly stars are electrified

BIO - im an engineer by trade and answer calls for telecommunications company, ive been working 12 long hours for company everyday during Covid and i found writing to be an oasis in a desert. a place to let my imaginations explore. I live in New Zealand in the beautiful south pacific.


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