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The year is 1692.

A young fellow named David was on his way into town when he saw a weird-looking house in the distance. The house was old and run-down, but there was still light burning through the windows.

"DAVID. DAAAAAAVIIIID." David turned around to see Abigail in front of him.

"Oh hey, Abigail. Come on, we are late; it's almost dusk."

"Hey Abigail, do you know who lives there?" David asked.

Abigail looked at the old house David was pointing at. She was quiet for a second. "There is no one living there. That house was owned by a woman called Cornswell. But she was burned last week."

"So why is there light coming from it?" David asked, angry.

"I don't know, David, come on." Abigail urged.

David took one last look before following Abigail into town.

Bang. David woke up in the middle of the night. He looked around to see that a cup had fallen off his nightstand. He put the cup back, but the second he looked away, the cup was launched into the room. He ran out of his house to Abigail's house.

Abigail opened the door slowly. "David?"

But before she could finish her sentence, David interrupted her. "THE CUP, IT MOVED ON ITS OWN, JUST ON ITS OWN!"

"David! Calm down, people are trying to sleep. Come on in, you can sleep here."

The following morning, David gave a speech in the town hall. "THE WITCH WE BELIEVE TO BE DEAD IS STILL OUT THERE. ONLY A WITCH CAN CHEAT DEATH LIKE THAT!" The crowd shouted, "Let's kill her!" The men grabbed their weapons. They marched to the old house, but as soon as they entered the forest, everything became quiet. Birds stopped singing, not a cricket could be heard. Two of the eight men left, while the six kept on going. Halfway there, it became dark, really dark, and rain began to fall. BANG! A loud sound and a flash of white light struck them. Four men died instantly. Now there were just two: David and Peter.

They found the house, opened the door, and stepped inside. The house looked like a mess, with rotten food everywhere and a dead squirrel in the corner. Three candles were burning. Peter walked to the squirrel when a loud noise filled the room.

"The door, it... it won't open!" David yelled. Peter began laughing. David turned around to see Peter floating above the ground, his eyes black.


Peter's neck broke in a flash. Peter's lifeless body fell to the ground. David ran towards him. When he reached his body, he heard a familiar voice.

"David, why?"

He looked around to see Abigail standing there.

"Why did you come here to my mother's house?"

"Your mother?" David asked in shock.

"Yes, David. You know it wasn't supposed to go like this. I thought you would leave this place alone after I had moved your cup, but no. We should have ended up together, happy and in love."

"Wait a minute, your mom wasn't the witch, you are!" David shouted.

"She took the blame so we could be together, David! But now I have to kill you."

"No!" David shouted. "We still can be in love."

"It's too late, David. You will never get away with this," David said, grabbing his dagger.

"I am sorry, David," Abigail cried.

David quickly threw the dagger towards Abigail. Her neck snapped, and her lifeless body hit the ground. Abigail's lifeless body also hit the ground, revealing Cornswell the Witch.

One of the two men who left came back and saw the whole thing happen. After he came back to town, they tried to burn the house to the ground, but it didn't want to burn.

Until this day, the house of Cornswell the Witch still remains, and some say the witch is still around to kill more people who enter her house.


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