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Part-1: Ralph wins a quiz contest and gets Annie Oakley to spend a vacation at a resort (Two hours away from the main city) for four days. In Elysium, he packs his bag with all suitable essentials and heads to the destination via a secluded highway.

Part-2: Travelling on a bike enthralls him but his spirits dampen when it conks out in the middle of the highway because of which he parks it aside, faute de mieux. He ganders sideways and front in search of help but finds none. After aimless wandering on road for 10 minutes, a van equipped with the flares at a good distance catches his sight and this reduces his toey to a considerable level.

Part-3: The person-in-charge of driving retards and brings his van to rest on seeing Ralph’s gesture of waving his hand for the want of lift,

A brief conversation opens between the two:

Ralph: Hello sir! My bike broke down unfortunately and also there’s no repair nearby, could you please drop me at the resort?

Driver: With pleasure, gentleman! Even though I am on the way to that scenic place, what about your vehicle and its stationing?

Ralph: Don’t worry; I have hidden it safely under the place where it deserves to be.

Driver: Fandabidozi! Now get in and relax in the backseat.

Ralph: Thank you very much!

The driver makes a Gadarene rush to the resort owing to the obscured visibility triggered by fog.

Part-4: A few seconds later, Ralph leaps out of the van and retraces his steps towards the bike spot. The dead of the night and the eerie silence raise fidgetiness in him for the want of help from a veritable source. He keeps his mobile torch in working mode to ease his vision in the darkness. To his surprise, he sees the fleeting glimpses of his doppelganger in the direction opposite him. Out of curiosity he approaches over there but finds none.

“It is a chimera nothing else,” says Ralph to himself and waits for the arrival of the next vehicle.

Part-5: After 15 minutes, Ralph hears the footsteps of a person racing down the woods behind him and when he turns back and throws a flashlight on him, none other than his apparition is insight. This urges him to follow the latter surreptitiously and his entry into a small log house after a walk of a few miles piques Ralph’s interest.

When he raps the door to catch his doppelganger, an old man opens the door and a brief conversation opens between the two:

Old man: Yes, What can I do for you?

Ralph: I have seen a person of my resemblance entering this house.

Old man: Laughs! No gentleman, I am the only person residing here for the last 15 years.

Ralph: I dare say that he might have hidden inside somewhere without your notice.

Old man: Oh common young man, you are mistaken. No one is inside and if you still have a soupcon of suspicion, get in and have a look.

Ralph: It’s okay! I just wanted to confirm, maybe you are right!

Old man: By the way, I am Daniel, and you?

Ralph: I am Ralph and a tourist guide by profession.

Old man: Good to hear! You seem to be knackered, why don’t you use some rest at my home tonight?

Ralph: Yes sure, I would like to rest tonight and start towards my destination at dawn.

Ralph tells Daniel that his bike gave him trouble on his way to the resort, the reason why he got held up here beleaguered.

Part-6: Daniel tells him that the entire route including the forests and its Mise-en-scene is haunted and his only presence at this sequestered location has put him into a state of surprise!

A short conversation opens between the two is as follows,

Daniel: How did you dare to travel along this way?

Ralph: To be frank, I am innocent of the facts presented by you.

Daniel: But let me tell you one thing this route is forbidden for travelers!

Ralph: I understand! As soon as the dawn sets in, I will shoot to my home.

Daniel: Anyway, I will go and get something for us to eat.

As soon as Daniel steps out, Ralph bolts the door and decides to take a glance at his entire house to ferret out facts about his doppelganger.

Part-7: Ralph is taken back to descry a few weird things like human skeleton parts, a blood-filled glass tumbler, the severed head of an unknown person, and pieces of stale meat under his cot. He understands the situation and plunges headlong to exit from there. The moment he unbolts the door, Daniel shows up at the doorstep and with a broad smile holds the former's hand and takes him inside.

Part-8: A conversation opens between the two:

Daniel: How did you sense I had arrived?

Ralph: Nothing like that! I opened the door to let in some air.

Daniel: Strange! A good coincidence.

Ralph: Yes, you are right!

Daniel: Come gentleman, let’s have our meal.

Ralph: Sorry! I have to leave now.

Daniel: What happened?

Ralph: I have brushed up against a small problem!

Daniel: As you wish, the doors are open for you.

Ralph: Once again thank you for your hospitality and help!

Daniel: No mention, take care and travel safely.

Ralph: Sure, will be circumspect of impending doom!

As Ralph inches nearer to the main door, the door closes by itself and he is pulled back.

Part-9: Old man (Danielbursts into a laugh and tells him that he had entered this house at his own risk. “I gave you beaucoup time to rescue you from this place but despite that, you remained here and waited for me like a horse,” says Daniel to Ralph in a sotto voce.

A conversation between the two is as follows:

Daniel: You leaped out of the van freeing yourself from the clutches of mine!

Ralph: Yes, were you the person in charge of driving?

Daniel: Right! You have seen my image as a spook in the rear-view –mirror, isn’t that true?

Ralph: Yes, I got frightened! Then, beyond all question, I daresay, you are my apparition!

Daniel: Good guess! First of all, I am not a human being and I have successfully trapped you to slay you in my empire.

Ralph: This is just your imagination. You can't dare to kill me!

Daniel: Laughs with a hint of uncontrol in the sound! Just look at my image in the mirror beside you.

Ralph’s heart beats at a rapid rate and sweat slides down from his head on seeing Daniel turning into a dark ugly Wizard.

Part-10: The Wizard holds Ralph’s head and bangs it hard against the wall. The wounded Ralph runs hither and thither to rescue himself from the Wizard. At last, he somehow manages to open the entrance door but witnesses a deep pothole next to it.

“All your attempts to save yourself from supernatural Armageddon have failed miserably, so better surrender yourself", says the Wizard to Ralph in a witty way.

Ralph decides not to kowtow to him in any situation and takes out a holy cross from his pant pocket and slashes the throat of the Wizard when he inches closer to him.

The Wizard dies on the spot and Ralph takes a deep breath.


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