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Every time the divorced man, Paul, wanted to go on vacation, he traveled to the rural areas, where he used to be blessed with the pure rest. A rest that was far away from any inconveniences such as the constant circulation of the noisy vehicles, chemically unhealthy food, lots of people around him, etc. Paul and his baby were alike copies, which struck a pretty big resemblance to each other. They both had watery blue eyes fixed on a round face and adorned with freckles. In addition, they both had soft jet-black hair that stayed flat without being in need for a comb. Coming to the highway that was taken by Paul and Sam, it was going so exciting. The road was shining under the humble presence of the bright sun that was at the middle of the illimitable fully blue sky.

Time was flying as fast as wind, as Paul could finally reach the place where his first day in the open nature would begin. In front of him, there was a small wooden-house that Paul rented for a full week at a cheap, interesting price. Although the house had many cracks and crevices on all sides of it, it was, for Paul, a habitable house, which just needed some care to suit his needs. Eagerly, Paul got out of the car to check the inside of the house, he hurried next to the door-house, and opened it slowly as if he were opening a gift. What he found inside was totally unexpected by Paul. It was very stuffy and dusty, as if he was in a graveyard. Here, Paul realized why the rascal homeowner accepted the dial in a flash without any protest. When Paul wanted to make the entrance lit, he barely found the light switch, due to the great dimness of the dark on the inside. After it was lit, he got a clear view of the old furniture that may have dated back many years ago, and spoke under his breath "Too much work need to be put for this archaic chaos, easily beguiled Paul."

Before starting cleaning the house, he opened the two windows of the living-room for a bit of fresh air, and then he returned to his car. His crying baby was missing him so badly, so he fetched him and they both walked back to the house. After cleaning nearly more than fifty percent of the house, dining with his baby, they both fell asleep quickly. Especially Paul, who was in need of a deep, long sleep to regain his strength which was consumed in the long travel plus the arduous work that was put in for cleaning the house. Paul had many dreams, all of which were very happy. Then, with an open mouth and outstretched arms, he woke up yawningly from his slumber to find a huge disaster could freeze all his limbs and stopped his heart from beating. He stuttered "Where's Sam?"

He started looking frantically throughout the living-room for his inseparable piece of heart, but sadly nothing was found. This matter made him very grieving and was accompanied with the abomination from himself as being an irresponsible father. Afterwards, he ran in every direction of the house, yelling without restraint for his baby, but unfortunately he didn’t receive any cry from his missing baby, as it looked as if the house had swallowed him. Within a second, Paul paused, holding his breath, and trying to calm himself to think better about this problem. After a few seconds of lowering his nerves, all he was able to do was call the police, but the poor man didn’t know that this remote and isolated area had not had a strong signal that would enable him to make a phone call or turn on the internet. Here, the disadvantages of this rural region began to appear to him. He cursed this house so many times under his breath and threw his cell-phone away. In his nervous state, he heard a low-pitched murmur coming from the kitchen, and without hesitation Paul rushed to inspect the source of that murmur. The moment he entered the kitchen, he didn't find anything there, but Paul didn't consider it as an act of delusion because he was sure that it was a murmur. He spoke under his breath "Who was murmuring?"

The moment he closed his mouth, he heard someone lullabying in the direction of the bedroom. Paul ran like a bullet toward the sound, but he didn't find anything again, which made him lose his temper. He burst out in anger "If something bad happened to my baby, I will not have mercy on you" and snarled loudly "Did you hear me!"

The instant he wanted to slip out from the bedchamber, the door slammed against him, showing him an unpleasant message written in red color on it. It was said that your baby has become mine from now on. Paul rushed toward the door to open it, but it seemed as the low side of it was connected deeply with the solid floor of the chamber. He screamed as loud as he could "Open the door!"

In the next moment, Paul retreated to the back wall of the chamber, and then sped like an arrow toward the door. He stuck the right side of his shoulder into it, and finally he could free himself out. The door slammed open and banged against the wall of the house, leaving a heavy-dull sound that was running almost all over the house. After that, Paul set out at his full speed to complete the search for his kidnapped baby. He swore that he would inflict serious damage on the kidnapper, so that he would not mess with him or with others again. He entered here and there, but nothing was found as before, it was just darkness and silence as if he was hunting a ghost or something supernatural. Here Paul got into a maze of thoughts and perceptions, all of which were foreshadowing evil. He had searched almost all the corners of the house, even the narrow places that were difficult to hide in, which made him succumb to the fear and anxiety that appeared clearly on his body language and tone of voice. He dropped his voice to a trembling whisper "What is going on here?" he went on yelling angrily "I dare you to show yourself a kidnapper, you have dug your tomb by yourself, little coward."

The moment he wanted to take a deep breath, an intense shadow appeared opposite to him and was extending in length, until he passed where he was standing like a stone. Before Paul could open his mouth to express what was happening around him, the shadow seemed to wobble as if it was a dancing cobra, and a series of low hints were arousing from it, making Paul aware that he was facing something non-human. Suddenly, a high-pitched sound rose behind the outer door, making Paul standing rigid in his place, wondering whether to open the door or leave it closed. He looked down on the floor and found that the creepy shadow had vanished. In a sudden, the door took a heavy blow, making Paul stumble backward in fear. Hardly, he brought back his courage to see who was there, he gasped and took into his account all the expectations that might arise from behind the door.

As he wanted to get hold of the door-hand to open it, a zombie-like woman popped up behind him and hit him vigorously on the head. Paul fell motionless on the floor because the blow was very strong and swift, as it was capable of taking almost his entire mind, and left no energy for him to be able to stand on his feet. Instead of trying to get up, he kept looking up at the frightening facial expression of the attacker woman, that was emanating from a pallid face on one side and on the other was eerily devoid of skin, as if she had been burned. Moreover, she had no hair; it was just baldness which did not even mercy her eyebrows and eyelashes that became hairless. Her lips were cracked, dry, and had a bad chosen lipstick of the purple color that was so badly placed on them, covering almost her entire wrinkled cheeks. When all of the aforementioned attributes were combined, it gave us an awful and abnormal creature who was staring down at Paul with demonic gazes that carried only evil and hatred.

The effect of the blow didn't give Paul the opportunity to continue looking up at this creepy-looking woman, who had a scaremonger gait similar to that of a zombie. He passed out while she was edging around him and humming with herself, stressing that the baby she got today has become her own baby; Mark. Time passed as slow as a turtle, to find Paul himself inside a narrow and small basement that he had never set a foot inside it before because it looked as if it was a secret basement, carrying horrible secrets inside it that was in need the right time to be appeared to the unlucky people like the poor Paul. He made his eyes partially open, as he was trying to figure out where he was. From the first look that was clearer than the previous looks, he realized that he was not dreaming, but rather he was in a real predicament that he had never been in before. He gasped with a wrinkled nose "Where am I?" and added when he found his voice again and viewed what was next to him "For Pete's sake, who committed this massacre over here?"

The basement where Paul was in, was a cemetery that had dozens of rotten bodies, who had been killed in horrific ways. There was who beheaded, burned alive, and minced into irregular pieces were scattered above a large pile of human bones. After this scene, Paul realized that he was really in a complicated situation, difficult to even wish for your enemy. He stood on his feet as he tried to resist the stench that was finding its way into his nose, even though he was placing his hands firmly over it. As he became on his feet, something suddenly drew his attention and curdled his blood to the utmost extent. He noticed a group of pictures of some men with their kids who had a strange scribble in red on the wall. It was as if the one who did this scribble was hot-tempered and in a hurry. After Paul gave a long and fixed look at the wall, he apprehended in the blink of an eye what was happening here, including this massacre. All of the men in the pictures had got an atrocious ending and left here as a sign, indicating what will befall the next comer. Paul climbed the stairs and went rushing towards the door, which opened with one straight kick. The door squeaked loudly, which extended along the corridor that was leading to the living-room. When he arrived there, he shouted out for his kidnapped kid. In a sudden, his shouts were broken by the crying of his baby, who was coming from the bedroom. As fast as possible, he sprinted right there to rescue his baby from this terrible house. When he got inside, he discovered that his baby was not alone. He was with the creepy-looking woman who came before and attacked him. At this instance, she was breastfeeding the baby, while he was crying complaining about her frightening presence that was combined with an unpleasant smell, which was smelling of her shabby clothes and foul breath. Paul asked her madly "Who are you?" and added when he put on a high voice "What do you want from us?"

Instead of answering his question, the horrific-looking woman kept breastfeeding the baby and reiterating frantically, no one could take Mark from me, even the sassy Samuel can not do so. Paul sneered "Give me the baby now, monster!"

The frightened woman bent her face towards the crying baby, and then she kissed him on his forehead, indifferent to Paul's presence. Her shameless act made Paul berserk like a frenzied dog. Madly, he rushed towards his baby to free him from her wild clutch that she was carrying the baby with. As soon as Paul approached them, the scary-looking woman pointed her monstrous face at him. Then, she shouted loudly at Paul's face. Her terrifying shout did not stop Paul from moving ahead to release his baby, and unfortunately he ended up suffocating under her beastly tight grip. Paul tried to extricate himself by scratching and tearing off as much as he could from her obnoxious face, but his successive attempts were sadly fruitless. Paul moaned desperately "Leave us alone!"

When her turn came to show how capable she was to sow terror in the soul of her victims, there was nothing better than opening her mouth, which was able to stretch boundlessly like anaconda. She opened her mouth largely, and when her chin touched the floor, she pulled Paul towards her to swallow him alive. Paul's human strength was not enough to release himself, he tried again and over again, but there was no result to survive from this tight trouble. As her gigantic mouth was near him, which was surrounded by decayed, irregular, yellow teeth from which sticky fibers emerged, she pelted him by the end against the wall for some reason. That reason was the baby who saved the life of his father in the right time because the evil ghost didn’t want to shed blood in front of the eyes of the innocent baby. Just then, she grabbed the back of Paul's neck and subsequently went dragging him hard again into the basement. She rolled him down the stairs like a barrel, locked the door, and then went ambling into the kitchen. There she got a big thicker luck whereby Paul would definitely say good-bye to the sunrise. After she fixed the luck on the door and checked its toughness, the demon woman left with her baby Mark, leaving Paul inside screaming as hard as he could. All that Paul had to do at that time was to stay on the floor and wait for a miracle to take him far away from this horrible situation. However, that must have occurred as soon as possible because hunger and thirst didn’t know patience. All that was in front of him were bones carrying a large pile of human body parts, surrounded by dozens of rats to be eaten by Paul in order to survive, waiting for that miracle that will not come to him anyway. This isolated house has not witnessed any human presence for more than twenty years, due to the terrible events that occurred in this scary house, which has been considered since then as a demonic house. This was the main reason that made the owner of this house accept the little amount of money from Paul with a beaming face, while the poor Paul thought that the reason for accepting the proposed money was the greatness of his kindness and the openness of his heart to the newcomers to this remote rural region.


Writing has always been a release for me ever since I was a child. I love to write about horror because I have a long experience of fear from dark places.


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