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The day dawned bright with new light, everything it touched shone with renewal. The rays skipped from the east across pillowed puddles and slept soundly on the gentle stream. The water sprayed from the untainted waterfall that bubbled and churned the salty lagoon, settling a saline mist which ran rivers down the crevices of the sagacious old man's crumpled face. It descended down his bark-like skin, and over his boxy chin that splintered rusty stubble.

The wild Singe Bush framed the fresh forest borders that resembled an iridescent thorny scarlet toned tumble weed. From the forests shadowy veil spawned the shimmering wonder of a Thircorn, a frail deer-like creature garnishing a satin gold coat. Crowned with pale cracked horn stretching out over its almond shaped head. Its fur dazzled an enchanting gleam as if it carried the residue of a shattered gold mine upon is dipped back. Soothed by the sweet summer rays, it twitched its cautious white snout at the crisp salty air – before grazing at the peppery cinnamon scent that sprung from the Singe Bush.

The sapient old man wiped the salty douse from his coarse face, his hunched back croaked as he pressed his wooden hands off his knees to clamber to his planted legs. He glanced over at the tranquil Thircorn shuffling along the dark curtain of the forest, they caught each others gaze for but a moment, before it pranced off back into the dismal shroud of the woods - the light was new but not nearly strong enough to pierce through Bleakwood yet. The old man took a refreshing deep breath that drew smoothly into his aged lungs, the rays warmed the pungent decomposing leaves that strummed his wiry nose hairs with a dank earthy odour. He turned a look of relief towards the bold sun.

“Ah – New Light, I must tell the others.”



Bio: Inspired by the marvels of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and a Manga by the name of One Piece, I've unearthed a passion for writing and am currently working on a Science Fantasy series. I realised that it's not always about breaking the mould, sometimes you use the mould to continue creating greatness


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