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As I stood with the candles illuminating the bewilderment of the path that laid before me, I felt compelled to continue.  Death lingering on the tongue of my consciousness, I opened my eyes.  Colors of emerald green and starfire, the most beautiful of colors beyond the mind’s understanding spilling itself through the horizon, stretching beyond sight.  I gazed in disbelief and amazement, as if what I was seeing wasn’t the perpetuant nature of unforgiving death.  My eyes eager to run, my mind was compelled to stay.  Mist exhausting the fear that had laid dormant, now pushing me forward in the darkness where I’ve come across an emptiness forever navigating in relentless loneness.  Fire lighting the path for which eventuality consumes the existential, I can no longer hear the undaunted cry in the night.  The noise of atrocity blinding my hearing, dismantling the core of my morality, obscuring the presence of absolution to be defined as justice, disbelief echoes through the reality for which time has stood still.  For once, an understanding so incomprehensible on any grounds of reality spilled forth.  Memory split between the seams; reality, consciousness, visibility, clarity, waiting for the arrival of the lost.  I must be dreaming.  “Just close your eyes”.


Bio: My full name is Eddie William Chute.  I have written a few stories in the past, but I never shared them with anyone other than with people school.  I don't really know where my own story begins because I feel l like being that I'm an extension of someone else, I feel like to better understand by life is to better understand their story, however we live in a world of stories and misunderstandings.  My story is that I'm living it right now and everyone is part of it.


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