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Chris looked at his watch and quickly readjusted his camera, “We’re on in five, four, three, two...”

“Good morning Cuidad Juarez! We’re here at La Casa de Flor, one of Juarez’s booming flower shops! The owner, Mr. Lopez, has been kind enough to give us an interview on how he became so successful!”

Mr. Lopez chuckled warmly, “Thank you Maria, I never thought my flowers would be this highly appreciated all over Mexico. I would say the true key to my success is-”

A large crash from outside interrupted the interview.

“Is everything alright?” Maria asked.

Mr. Lopez’s warm persona quickly strained as he gritted his teeth, “Yes, I’m afraid we’ll have to stop this interview and continue another time. Excuse me.”

He quickly got up and sprinted to the back room and yelled, “You don’t know what I’m going to do to you idiots if you dropped any of the stuff!”

“Mr. Lopez! We can’t do this another time we’re live.” Maria called as she went after him.

The flower shop owner was nowhere to be found in the back room except the back door was ajar. Maria and Chris opened the door and saw a group of men launching flowerpots into El Paso with a catapult. In the distance, another group was catching the pots in a tarp and placing them into trucks. Mr. Lopez was arguing with one of the men manning the catapult, waving a broken piece of a pot in the man’s face.

“Chris, are you getting this?” Maria whispered behind her. He silently nodded his head while Maria tried to quietly step to the side but her high heel stepped on a rock. She toppled over into a stack of flowerpots, shattering all of them. Her eyes widened when she landed in tightly packaged bundles of marijuana amongst the shards of clay pots. Maria looked up and saw Mr. Lopez pointing an IMI Desert Eagle pistol at her.

“Crap…” Maria winced.



BIO: Katrina Santana resides in Cypress, California with her toothless dog, Bubby. She is a tattoo enthusiast and would have more if her car insurance were cheaper.


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