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Don Carter, a fifty-five-year-old shoe salesman, decided to bite the bullet, and buy a computer. All his friends and colleagues had computers and were constantly badgering him to join the 21st century and buy a computer. “You can do all kinds of great things with a computer, Don. You can surf the internet and learn things. You can keep records, write letters, and so much more,” Harry, a fellow salesman, said. “Look, I know all about computers; I’ll help you get started.”

“Well, tomorrow is my birthday, so I guess I'll buy myself a birthday present.  Okay, Harry, let's buy me a computer.  So Harry helped Don pick out a computer, and spent a few hours helping him learn how to use it.

Like most new computer users, it's easy to make mistakes and sometimes cause problems.  Three days later, something happened to his computer which he couldn't fix, so he called Harry.  “Harry, my birthday present, which is only three days old, is not working,” he said and explained what was happening.

“What you're describing happened to my computer, so what you have to do, is restore it to an earlier time, a time when the computer was working.  I would restore it to the day you bought it.  Click on help; type  restore, and follow the directions.  okay. “

“Okay, Harry, thanks,” he said, hung up, and found restore point.

“Hmm.  Looks easy.  Son of a gun. It's like a time machine. Let's see.  Select a restore time and press enter.”  He followed the directions and pressed enter.  “Okay, restore point, go back to my birthday when the computer worked.  As he watched the screen, it flickered for several moments, and he rose up from his chair and started to spin.  He spun faster and faster and, after a few moments, he disappeared.

Mrs. Carter looked up when her husband entered her room.  “Hi honey.  How are you feeling?” her husband asked as he sat on the edge of the bed and kissed her.

Fine, now that you're here.  Honey if you will you get my robe we can go check him out.”

“Okay, if you feel up to it,” he said, got her robe and helped her put it on.  Then they left the room and walked slowly down the hall to the nursery.

“He's handsome, isn't he?  Like his father.  What should we name your son?”

“Let's name him Don, after my father.”

“Don Carter.  I like that,” she said and smiled at her son.

The End



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