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On a snowy mistrustful night, a newborn Skully Doyle, who was fast asleep in his cot, his visionary confused himself getting abducted from a Demonic Apparition. A woman called White Widow owns a three-headed dog called Cerberus Trio. This woman was a Satanist and cursed the town, on putting a Libra moon in the sky on hexing the residents with evil luck, believing in the devil and that three-headed dog wasn’t real at first, it was a fictional statue which was placed in the hallway of the house until she conjured by possessing the three-headed dog statue into a human form. Cerberus Trio approached coming into my bedroom, Skully Began to squint, figuring out what was in front of him, a roar coming from Cerberus Trio to attack Skully viciously. The crying of Skully hysterically responds right back at the spirits, for them to disappear right away, then the crying finally stopped. Skully envisioned being in the paranormal fields of having a paranormal code-name; “SHARP” Skully’s characteristics show proof of the name. In a way, he is violent, only for a good cause to save innocent souls just like him. Skully is the transformation for - " SKELETON " - “SHARP” meaning his teeth. A year ago when Skully was born, Dr Terry Hills who officially was Skully’s doctor, I had lots of appointments with Dr Hills then I recalled at the age of three I was diagnosed with [A.S.D] Autism-Spectrum-Disorder. Dr Hills told my mother as I was in the room as well. “Mrs Doyle, Skully has Autism, it’s rare and mild, the point I’m getting at is… Skully … is… gifted. Most percentages in mild autism, as high Functioning, it’s rare, Skully is very lucky to be gifted, he has the power of being smart, and has common senses within him. That is all I know about his medical report. Skully may have more special abilities in the future that I don’t know of said, Dr Hills. Skully would know when he’s a teenager, to an adult; about his special; *ability/abilities* that makes him unique. As the encounters come back again repeatedly, this time they both stole my gifted powers. White Widow calls out “light, camera, action” *clicks! * red flashes into my eyes, it made me look like I was having a fit. Then I suddenly was possessed, with black eyes, red skin, and demonic sharp teeth. I planned to attack White Widow for what she had done to me, she teleport as the red mist from the destination. Cerberus trio was hesitating to bark and growl at me because I went to attack their owner. I ran towards to Cerberus trio aggressively to use my *Sharp teeth* *chewed* *chewed* right into their bones. Skully ate rotten flesh animal meat, whether eating human, who are not human; animals and even their demonic animals’ things and creatures that are categorized as demons have rotten flesh. Skully will need to plan to get his gifted powers back in return. “Ah! My Vision, My Vision, I-It is I-It is B-Blocked! The coldness from my bedroom, most of the times my window is open it freezes me like S-snow, I-ice. I do live in a snowy town; it makes me shiver and stutter, a lot, especially in this weather. “W-white W-widow C-Cerberus T-trio J-just J-just Go Away!” The aggression of Skully’s Reaction. Skully does not care for humanity or demonic “I-i just want my gifted powers returned in an f-flashback to m-me”. White Widow and Cerberus Trio see a difference in Skully, they may have possessed him with the red flash, and now they are more scared of him. The shock from White Widow, including the -growling and barking- from Cerberus Trio hesitates an angry Skully he physically forces violence to injure the demonic breeds. Could that help Skully’s gifted powers to return? And will his strength grow stronger and stronger with the special ability/ abilities that he has? After that moment forcefully injuring White Widow and Cerberus Trio the night I closed my eyes and prayed for my visionary powers to return. It took a while until I got them back, finally about the time for my gifted powers to return straight back to me. The excitement of Skully, “my g-g-gifted p-p-powers are back.” .” Now that I’m back on track of getting my powers back in return I shall plan to defeat White Widow and Cerberus Trio Skully’s mind is worried because what if he gets trapped into the supernatural field’s again? Possibility… only if either White Widow and Cerberus Trio Returned after many years. If Skully defeats them they can’t come back only worse if they maybe become another identity of a figure or something that could lead to a reunited return other than that Skully just plans to approach them and end this once and for all. “White Widow and Cerberus Trio return for the final moment, reunited five years later from their first appearance, a five-year-old Skully faces against his rivals… White Widow and Cerberus Trio were covered with blue eternal flames. Shielded around them; also Skully’s crucifix’s are the same colour that defeats the demonic redemption. They teleport Skully to his front door, after many times of them trying to break in, angrily and aggressively, Skully aims the double crucifix right at them directly. The shines of the blue lights from the crucifix’s burned and turned them smaller and smaller into acid flames. Skully’s intentions of doing this when he grows up and wanting to save innocent souls from the haunting’s of reality. Skully may still be sharp for the time being he attempted to make a true promise in the future any connections with a good spirit I want to transform out of Sharp, to be human again. The next day was the shifting of the Doyle family, it may be another house that remains in Lake Hills. Skully felt terrified being in the first Snow Hill house, managed to survive being alive from the hauntings. He felt confident in eliminating White Widow and Cerberus Trio. He will still fear if he found other apparitions just like White Widow and Cerberus Trio. Skully concentrates, just focusing on taking it day by day. He may fear but remembers he has his gifted powers within him for safety and protection. He has confidence in himself, being a survivor when the time comes for exiting the Lakes Hills supernatural fields. Skully went for his first tour at Lakes Hills Psychiatric Facility, seeking spirits wandering around, many that had a hard life. My main focus was on little Lisa, a six-year-old child, who was perished in a locked room, she was starved and dehydrated. Would it be a coincidence that she passed the year I was born, in nineteen-eighty. “huh, nineteen-eighty-six. I’m six years old, Lisa died at the age of six. is there a connection between Lisa and me. Being a visitor to tour Snow Hill Psychiatric Facility, I got the chance to meet the spirit of Lisa. Indeed I was out of the demonic form of “Sharp.” In the building where Lisa manifested there were other combined rooms, other’s went off investigating and seeking answers. I went to a small space for privacy, Lisa attached herself to Skully a whispering conversation between Lisa and Skully, she asked about having a friend, Skully accepted her friendship in return. Lisa was telling me her interests in rainbows and horses; knowing about her emotional story of being sent here, where sadly she perished. I told her I’m not letting her stay here, and she can stay with me; luckily I was never caught by the tour leader and the group after the tour here at Snow Hill. Most visitors got attached they freed them to stay at the facility, Skully was the only one who didn’t perform to free the spirit/spirits who attached to him. Skully would always visit Snow Hills Psychiatric Facility. The emotional memories that remind him of Lisa, deep down he knows she’s within him anywhere and everywhere at all times. Follow the rainbows and horses that lead us out of danger and brings us to safety. Indeed it helped the rainbows and horses are known as the trackers, the staff and guests think Lisa manifested at Lakes Hills, secretly the secret kept between Lisa and Skully, her new place to be manifested; INSIDE ME!, She still lives on “INSIDE OF ME!” “I will never confess straight to Lakes Hills Psychiatric Facility, I’m never a traitor to my loved ones and that’s a promise”. Skully talks to himself with a strong positive attitude; “very brave, Skully-boy I-i-mean Skully-man.” The visionary pops up as Skully and Lisa is fast asleep,” they have been approached, by an apparition. Who is it? Skully and Lisa’s lives are on the line, with the return of the apparition with another identity. “Skully, long time … no see … Skully’s face was shocked and confused, who is that Skully, Lisa asked? “ It’s White Widow, I thought she was dead, it’s Albina Angelina … now… seven albino newborns surrounding Albina Angelina, “ these are my seven children” the grief from Albina Angelina that lost not only her husband in the past, Skully also killed her three-headed dog. Her behaviours backfires to infanticides of her children; Skully managed to speed run and knock Albina Angelina into the well. Quite… a… while… she will be knocked out we better bolt and get these children to safety; Skully and Lisa take the newborns back to the cottage. Albina Angelina climbs and climbs her way out of the well, she is coming for Skully and Lisa for a battle .“Face it she and her three-headed monster wanted to harm me as a newborn, then seven years later returned to aggressively harm me, AGAIN; Albina Angelina suffers from severe depression and post-traumatic-stress-disorder sickening to be a single widow mother who infanticides innocent newborns. Skully and Lisa are right parent material willing to have the children for now… further plans if they have to attend Lakes Hills Foster care facility.  The siblings question if they attend the facility, will the same family take home all seven or emotionally be torn apart and reunited in the future. Skully and Lisa have the seven albino children at the cottage celebrating their first time of thanksgiving; Albina Angelina who was held captured in custody at Lakes Hills Psychiatric Facility escaped, the jealousy of her kids getting looked after by other human beings she risked her life the case of the mystery suicide, homicide detectives involved in the case; of knowing Albina Angelina’s whereabouts. The Missing Albina Angelina. James and Hilary Tippett, on the first day of the cases Brother and Sister James and Hilary Tippett, didn’t find Angelina’s whereabouts… it was only the first day neither James nor Hillary gave up which they will continue on the upcoming days of finding Albina Angelina of her whereabouts. seven albino teens, that are at the age eighteen; the orphan’s biological mother was Albina Angelina. The kids were taken off her because of the symptoms of her disorders; caused to infanticide her children eighteen years ago, from after that they stayed with a single man, Skully Doyle who sadly has been perished just like his loved child Lisa. Those kids suffered and figured they didn’t have anyone else, since those years past those seven attended the foster care facility. All seven got adopted by different families. They were cherished by their foster parents staying with their foster family for eighteen years all the seven albinoes became independent and had their jobs of course their family didn’t approve of their job occupations. All the seven kids moved out and made their own choices from here on. Skully and Lisa’s cottage was always open to those seven beautiful people they reunited at the cottage and made themselves at home. fields battling to take on the evil biological mother and father that faked their death’s and came across their biological seven adult children. A mysterious occurrence of Skully and Lisa Visionaries from the Seven Relatives *proof* they saw Skully and Lisa returned as -SHARP OF THE DEAD - spotted at Lakes Hills Necropolis Looking at their own grave’s creepily they both turned around caught the siblings looking right directly at them, *wide eyes* from the siblings quickly of closing their curtains. They intentionally went to open the curtains again of course nothing was there at the Cemetery, the obvious worries from the relatives thinking it's a bad hallucinating dream. James and Hilary started the second day which bought them to find Albina Angelina inside the well with her husband, Albino Angelo, who everyone assumed died many years ago. Cursed as frozen sculpture then a pickup truck managed to take the well with them still inside. It got dropped off at Lakes Hills psychiatric facility, the frozen sculpture was pretty much displayed there for looks that brings all types of bad luck. The hatred behaviours from the seven relatives causes to throw of fire flames which landed on the frozen sculpture it made Albina Angelina escape from the facility. The whole building collapsed, Albina Angelina is on the loose. Skully’s identical twin sister, shows up in town after many years, Scarlet Hills is forced to find the seven relatives to get revenge; honouring her late brother. The visionaries came between Scarlet by not finding the seven siblings but came across the return of the dead of Albina Angelina. She was holding, Skully and Lisa by their hair dragging them along the abandoned forest, top halves naked, Scarlet’s visionaries shows the way Angelina was heading and avoided being seen. Scarlet has seen Angelina’s prints she attempted to follow, it led to the front area of the Snow Hills town surrounded by the Snow Hills Police Department also the homicide detectives James and Hilary Tippett placing Scarlet the innocent victim under arrest.The cops discriminated against Scarlet because they never approved of her identical twin brother, he was not in their good books, they intend to hold Scarlet in custody. Scarlet mentally broke down while being in her Cell. “HELLO, I’M THE INNOCENT BITCH HERE. You were not supposed to arrest me you should be out there looking for Angelina and Angelo if our residents get killed that’s on your hand’s”. The cops and homicide detectives just gave Scarlet the silent treatment and the emergency call tells them to get to Snow Hills Psychiatric Facility *PRONTO.* Snow Hills leads to the battles between, the Seven Relatives, and their Biological Evil Parents. Angelina and Angelo held Bobby and Misty as hostages, awkward, with all of them in the nude, aggressively with their strength, and forcefully to kill both Bobby and Misty. The visionaries of Angelina and Angelo, dragging their teen children in the nude, although they were naked as well, both Angelina and Angelo have dumped their bodies into the Lakes Hills haunted well, horrifying stories rumoured to be true that caused Angelina and Angelo of dumping naked bodies into the well and drowning them underneath the well. The Eldest Son: Silas Blacksmith an experienced Blacksmith not only building things out of iron and steel the physical aggression of Silas tends to kill prostitutes, and nearly got to his sister Ruby, which she managed to escape from her psychopath brother. Silas’s Visionaries comes back to haunt him when he murdered the pimps and their hoes. gruesomely and sexually; Silas’s Psychological mind of committing these terrifying crimes, while Ruby was on the run, Silas was still on the loose looking for her, would someone come to Ruby’s aid for protection. Lakes Hills Police Department (L.H.P.D) spotted on their tracker where Silas and Ruby were, just until he murdered his sister, then purposely killed himself a little too late, from the authorities. The Lakes Hills Paramedics suddenly showed up and they put their bodies into the body bags. The Paramedics closes both body bags, *zipped* all the way, then send both dead bodies to the Lakes Hills Hospital, in the memorial section. As weeks passed along, Silas and Ruby became cursed statues just like their deceased parents, the elder son and daughter, are now the curse statues displayed at the Lakes Hills Hospital, to bring beyond bad luck for the Lakes Hills residents. No matter of the circumstances of being guilty or innocent, mysteries of the past have approached of attending to Silas and Ruby’s funeral. The Lakes Hills residents who attended the funeral are alcoholics spitting blood on both Silas and Ruby, of course, because Silas was the Killer, and Ruby, because of her occupation working in a whorehouse, immaturity of the adults spitting blood at them while there both lying dead in their caskets, brainwashing their kids to do it also, mysteries of the pasts visioned of being back from the dead, it is Albina Angelina and Albino Angelo, forces their telepathic powers, that slam-close both of the caskets the loudest ruckus that also echoed repeatedly multiple times. Silas and Ruby were still in the caskets after the funeral the visionaries have possessed them, including all kinds of objects, their poltergeist’s haunts to violently attack and harm the residents in their hometown whether alive or deceased, no matter what; psychological crimes have been committed here in Lakes Hills, ongoing, which has not stopped since, it was time for Lakes Hills to be protected safely even though it is haunted twenty-four, seven. With Silas and his sister ruby who are deceased never associated with the naked Satan’s then their ghosts have betrayed their loved ones in Lakes Hills, they have possessed the moon in their hometown known as the Libra moon. The innocent woman who Oliver impregnated is an innocent woman named Clarity Collins, giving birth to sextuplets Libra wolves, crying in agony. Oliver committed triple crimes of rape, sexual abuse, and murder. Oliver wants to raise the sextuplets Libra Wolves for himself, those kids are indeed the Libra wolves, just like their father, the Libra moons have turned the Libra wolves into committing ghastly crimes. The naked Satan’s back and forth, having second thoughts of never going to Lakes Hills ever again, “never say never.”


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