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Mom!! I am going to the mall with Harish.” Aarif said. “Ok beta. Come home soon, today is your aunt’s birthday, we have to go to her birthday party.”Aarif’s mom said. Aarif is a final year college student at Rampratap University. He is a careless and carefree person. He never wears a seatbelt in the car and doesn’t wear a helmet while riding the bike. He loves speed and the wind blowing on his face when he rides his bike. He had a near death experience when he met with an accident in his car. He had not worn the seatbelt while driving and bashed his head on the steering wheel. He had got 17 stitches on his head and a part of his brain till date doesn’t function properly. He had slipped into a deep coma for almost 1 month. He had somehow fought death and came back to his own self. He never thought that his parents were always waiting for him to come home. Aarif and Harish were going to the mall to buy themselves sunglasses and perfumes. They were riding recklessly along the busy roads of Mumbai. They never followed the traffic signal concept. Harish broke the red signal. From the left side, a bus was hurling towards them and bashed them. Aarif got hit on the head and both of them fell on the road. The bus lost control and crushed Aarif and Harish. Harish somehow escaped, but because of the extreme trauma from the accident, Aarif wasn’t responding to anyone. His whole body was shivering and blood was oozing from his body. He and Harish were in a serious condition. Immediately, an ambulance was called and they took him to the CITY HOSPITAL. Harish and Aarif were admitted in the hospital. Harish was conscious but he was in a state of extreme trauma after the accident. Aarif was being looked after by 4 senior doctors and 3 nurses. They did everything to save Aarif. Meanwhile Aarif’s family reached the hospital. The doctors did their best but after sometime, they declared Aarif as brain dead. Dr.Ramesh said to the family “we tried our level best, but we couldn’t save Aarif. He is brain dead but his organs are working fine as of now. You have to take a decision immediately if you want to donate his organs or not.” Aarif’s mother was devastated after hearing this news. In her mind, she was blaming herself for not telling Aarif to wear seatbelt and helmet. After a 10 minutes deep discussion, his family came to a conclusion of donating his organs. Doctors immediately gave them an agreement paper for donating his heart and kidneys. They conducted all the necessary tests to check if his heart was functioning properly or not.

Meanwhile in Ahemdabad, 14 year old Neha Mittal had a heart attack on the 14th of Febraury, 2021. 5 days before Aarif’s death. Neha was a very healthy girl and did not have any medical ailments. While she was playing badminton with her friends in the park, she had a sudden pain in her chest and she fell unconscious, upon reaching the hospital, doctors found out that Neha had suffered a heart attack and her arteries and veins towards the heart were completely clogged. Doctors had only one option left to save Neha and that was to do a heart transplant. They waited for few days to get a donor. At the best possible time, they found out that Aarif had died and his family has taken the decision of donating his heart and kidneys. They reached out to the doctors attending to Aarif for his heart. They immediately operated Aarif and took out his heart. Meanwhile, Mumbai Police and Gujarat Police made arrangements for a green corridor for the ambulance to pass-by without any obstruction. After the operation was successful, they gave the body of Aarif back to his family for the last rites. Officer Nikunj, Doctor Sampada and Nurse Kamini were in-charge for the transport of the heart from Mumbai to Ahemdabad. They had 2 options, either they transport the heart by road or through a plane. They kept the heart in an ice box and handed it over to Doctor Sampada. They took the decision of going by-road to Ahemdabad. Little did they know that there would be a problem awaiting for them. Everything was going as per plan, the heart had been kept in the ambulance, 2 police cars were ready and 1 car for any kind of medical and vehicle assistance. The journey started. The green corridor was made and police personnels were standing at different locations to divert the traffic. Near the Mumbai-Gujarat border, a protest was being held for the farmers. The whole road was blocked. “What should we do now?” asked Dr. Sampada. Nurse Kamini replied “We have to do something as fast as we can as the heart cannot survive for too long.” Police tried their level best to clear the road, so that the ambulance can pass through but it was all in vain. As they neared the protest area, they got down to check the status of the protest but no one was ready to budge. They had only one way to reach the other side and that was to go on a bike. They stopped a biker and told them to drop them on the other side and sit in another ambulance and go to the hospital in Ahemdabad. It was a tough mission but it had to be done. Dr. Sampada took the box and sat in the bike and tried to squeeze into the human ruckus to go to the other side. It was tough but it was successful. Officer Nikunj called upon a second ambulance. Once the bike reached the other side, they put the box in the ambulance and went to the CITY HOSPITAL. Mission Accomplished


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