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A melody begins on the bedside table with a growing nasty vibration. Nick wakes up from a phone call. Opens red eyes and answers the call.

-Hello sleeping princess! Why are you answering so long? -Stefan's fresh, cheerful voice was heard.

- Hello Stef, I am ok. How are you? - Yawning and rubbing eyes answered Nick

-Good thank you! Heard about the new 12 version for andraid?

-Not yet, I'm opening browser now.

Nick goes to the bathroom and check news

He brushes his teeth. The phone constantly sends messages. Nick stoically tries to clean his teeth, but now and then glances at the phone and listen Stefan

- Tenth it did not surpass – Said Stefan.

-They promise to add new features and more applications.

-We'll see

Nick is washing and looking carefully at his face, rubbing his the chin.

-Stef. Fashion for beards still not passed?

-It’s continue be actuality bro! Grow it already! Keep going up with the times!

Be like everyone!

Nick whispers - Be like everyone…..

-Ok bro! I ran, today I have a lot of work!

-What work is Stefan !? You sit all day at the casting agency, eat croissants and sit on the model makers forum, discussing plastic models!

This is a copy of real aircraft! It is necessary to observe the exact details and not just sculpt as you like!

Nick brews coffee and makes a sandwich on the kitchen.- You said that this is a copy. Why people can’t do as they want?

-I remember how our last discussion about this ended.

My cheekbone still hurts - Stefan muttered with displeasure

-I told you that I do not need to pour a lot! "Come on, be a man!" Who told me that?

-Alright - Alright! We will return to this late! I went, see you! Oh, yes, do not forget to write to Oksana about today's party.-Stepfan said dreamily-mmmmm..She really hot.

Nick spreads jam on bread - yea – yea, see you Stef!

Nick finishes his coffee and leaves the table.

Dressing for the exit, Nick write message for Oksana, but the phone slips out of his hand and crashes on the floor.

Horrified, Nick grabs the wreckage of the phone and tries to turn it on, but to no avail. Nick runs back to the bedroom and tries to find his old phone, but he fails. Nick loudly curses everything in the world and goes out into the street.

The first thing he notices is how bright the sun is. Squinting from the light, Nick goes outside and stands in a stupor.

«How to go to university?»

Nick, as usual, grabs his pocket to get his phone, but it's empty. Horrified, Nick thinks. Looking around, the city seems alien to Nick and unfamiliar.

«What transport need to get?»

For Nick’s lucking, Boris, a friend from another course, is walking along the street. Boris with a stupid smile on his face look staring at the phone and gamblestly tapping the screen. Nick runs up to him


- Hello Nick! How are you? –Boris answerув without raising his head from the phone

-Boris, I'm here. - Nick waving his hand in front of Boris

Boris looks up and the cheerful mood melts before his eyes and he says to him in a dull voice.

-Ah, hello. Why are you without a phone ?!

-I broke it. And the second I don’t remember where I stayed. Listen, you know the road to university?

-Yes, I know I'll look at the phone.

-And you don’t remember which bus or tram? For this need look at phone, always?

Boris looked at Nick incredulously.- Why it needs, if in the phone is always faster to find. So where is your phone?

-I broke it!

-Why didn’t you send me a message? I could take my second.

Nick eyes get round and looks at Boris with a misunderstanding. «He kidding or not ?»

-Okay, let's go to the university.

Approaching University, Nick sees students smoking near the door, they laughing and look at the phone. Nick looks closely and does not believe his eyes. They don’t have telephones in their hands, but they move their fingers over their hand, as if they are.

-Boris, look at these idiots ...

Nick looks at Boris and sees that he too, runs his fingers over an empty hand and grunts gaily.

Boris without raising himself head - Don't forget, Oksana invites us to a party today. I'll bring a snacks.

Nick comes inside of the building and stops at the elevator

«Why is everyone acting so weird? Do they want to laugh at me?»

-Alright, Boris. I will go…. - Nick does not finish the sentence as Boris trippingly walks up the stairs while continuing to look at his empty hand.

Nick waves at his friend's strangeness and enters the elevator.

Nick goes into class and sits at the end of the audience. The professor speaking and reached out hand forward (like he is holding a phone).

-Depth is given to the character primarily by his actions. The less he speaks and the more he does, the more interesting the story will be. No one is interested in reading endless lines of dialogue with a deep description of the environment around. Professor stops and looks at Nick

-Nick, are you not listening to me?

-Why a professor. I am listening to you.

-No, you are not listening to me. Where is your phone? Why don’t you put on your headphones and listen to my lecture?

-Why? I hear you from here.

-Why are you arguing with me!? Be like everyone!

- Alright – alright - Nick raised his hands in conciliation and rummages in his bag trying to find headphones under the gaze of the professor.

-Nick, why you came unprepared to my lecture? - A meter away from Nick stayed a flabby professor with a large receding hairline and glared at Nick little piggy eyes.

-Sorry professor ... Can I go to the toilet?

The professor looks at Nick intently and let him go with a gesture.

Nick runs out of the classroom and Anna comes out to meet him. Her eyes are red from tears.

-Nick! - Anna scream when she saw him and stuck to Nick with a death grip

- Hey, take it easy! You will strangle me!

- Nick! Give me your phone ... I ... I have to write to Martha! I lost it ... .. I lost

the phone, give me yours please. Give it to me!

She sobbed loudly clutching Nick

Nick points a finger behind Anna -There it is! Your phone!

-Where?! -Anna takes off running where Nick pointed. Nick runs off the other way.

Nick runs out of the University and goes to the park. Out of breath, he sits down on a bench and looks around. Surprise slips across his face. How beautiful it is all around.

The picture is spoiling by people passing by. They constantly look at their hand.

«Was I the same?»

Two men in black cloaks approach Nick, blocking the panorama of the park.

-Nick Kuznetsov? - Asks one, in a pleasant baritone

Nick after a second, he answers, feeling trouble. -I think you've made a mistake Mister.

-Where is your phone citizen? - Growls the second

Nick kicks the first in the shin and turns to the right avoiding the healthy hands of the second.

Nick rushed to the exit from the park. The guys in black coats followed him. When there were only a few meters to the gate, and the pursuers almost fell behind Nick gasped and fell to the grass, clutching his bruised knee.

Yells Boris , pointing fingers to Nick's.-It’s he! He walks all day without a phone! He doesn't want to be like everyone!!

One of the men in cloak hold Nick's hands tightly the second takes out a phone and glue from a pocket.

-You won’t part with him anymore Nick. Be like everyone……

Nick tries to kicks and tries to break free -NOOOOOOOO!

The phone sticks to Nick’s palm. He lowers his head, looks at the palm of his hand and a smile blooms on his face. A blue light illuminates his face and on display, on the phone, show a string of text……

- “Be like everyone, be like everyone….”


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