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I was in my room, so bored, idle and hoppless. Felista, my cousin , had sold me out to the devil. Despite the number of times I had advised her not to let the cat out of the bag, she didn't keep her big mouth closed. I was now on the "wanted list". I could sing but not for huge chunk of people. 

  The shyness in me struck my body to the bone. I quick shiver ran through me. All those eyes on me? No. I couldn't do that. How could I stand before them.

  Out of the blue,my phone rang.

" Hello"

"Hello, dear"

"How're you doing?"

"Very great. And you?"

"Well, Nilla, I'm kind of... anyway, I'll be fine."

"Are you sick?"

"No, just some kind of....ah.. nevermind."

"Will you please come over?"

"Is there any problem?"

"No, nothing. I'm just in need of your help. I can't say it out on phone."

  My eyes rolled around their sockets in a rush. I hanged up and adorned myself in the most eye catching tie and tuckers.

 Well, you could me imagining who Nilla was but she was a beauty princess. Her skin was as soft as cotton lint, teeth and eyes as white as snow. She was as gentle as a crasted crane. 

 Every guy in our school loved her but due to a few conditions, nobody approached this princess if Eden.

  Nilla had become fond of me weeks after we joined the same discussion group. She usually shared a few challenges of hers with me. All I knew about her was that she was a nice person, determined but had a rude father whose job she never revealed to me.

  At this time, I hit the road to her home where I found her seated in the living room. Upon setting her sweet round eyes on my face, she showered me with a warm broad smile and laughed.

   "I knew that you were going to come." she said.

"Oh yes, I had to. What choice did I have?"

"Choice? Did you say choice?"

"Yeah, Did it sound funny?"

"No. Nothing. Are you trying to tell me that you had no choice?"


"That sound like.....I ... forced you."

"No, you didn't. I came by  myself. Anyway let's leave that."

   I took a seat and she came along with a book. It was big and black, old and torn.

"You know what? I just called you here because I was so lonely. My parents are away for three days now. I need some company." she said in her soft voice. My mouth remained shut.

  Nilla held my hand and looked into my eyes. A strong electric current hit my nerves. 

"There's something I want to show you but....before that. Let's fast trying archery." she said and led me to her bedroom from where she picked a bow.

 I stood still whereas my round eyes surveillanced the big brightly colored room.

 " Nilla, why did you choose the  white color in your room." I asked whereas she moved closer. Her eyes met with mine.  She burst into laughter and touched my left shoulder.

  " It is the same reason as to why I chose you amongst all the friends I've got. Can you guess?" she answered and cuddled me.

Suddenly, I kissed her and she took her blouse off.

" Let it get done today. I'm tired of wishes."she whispered into my ear and I threw her onto the big broad bed before us.

I took my trousers of and just before the match could start, the door swung open. She quickly covered me.

 A huge figure stood in it. He aimed his gun at me and screamed. My heart pumped harder. I couldn't think. 

Suddenly, Nilla pulled a short gun from under the mattress.

"Dad, I swear to God, if you don't put your gun down, I will shoot you."she shouted at him.

"What did you say?" he asked.

At this time, u was completely bamboozled.  I ran madly through the door whereas Nilla argued with him.

"I love him more than you. You've never been there for me. Every time, your going for missions. When will you settle down? Leave my boyfriend alone." 

I couldn't look back.


pure fiction.


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