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The wind was soft. The sky was blue. The sea was clean. The seagulls were flying. 

Green grass and jogging pigeons. Citizens travelled through the beautiful city as their daily routine. Possibly talked about their exercise plans and lunch deals. Delicious tastes fulfilled the block’s air from the bakery. Coffee and beers cheered almost everyone. Art posters and ice-cream advertisements were the local culture. Buses and cars drove them to their destinations. Little One and Little Zero lived in this seaside society. 

Far from the city centre, there was a rock mountain, with grass covered. Nice view from the top to see the sea further under the mountain’s height. A legendary old tree strongly stood on the mountain. It was Little One and Little Zero’s favourite playground, a place just for them.

Little One sat on the grass, hands clawed underneath foot ankles, faced right, headed on left knee, observing seagulls.

“Little One wants to fly.” Little Zero stated, lying in the shadow grass of the tree.

Little One stunned, eyes up, feet tapped in the air. ‘Little Zero knows everything’, Little One thinks. 

“Because you are tired, you want to escape.” Little Zero headed right, looked at Little One.

“Maybe you are.” Little One lied down, extended the body, crossed the arms under head and headed to Little Zero, eyes surprised.

Little Zero yawns, prepared to snap.

Little One yawned, headed back up, eyes stared at the sky.

‘What does it feel like flying in the sky? Or, what do I want to feel?’ Little One raised right hand up, touched the air, then down, ‘Nothing. I want to feel nothing.’

“What does nothing feel like?” Little One asked.

Little Zero jumped up from the snap to the thoughts, then sit up.

“What is nothing?” Little Zero asked.

“The non-existence.” Little One spoke, “What it feels like if we do not exist?”

Silence. Little One waited and Little Zero breathing.

Still silent.

Little One moved his head then voices in ears.

“You heard the answer.” 

Little Zero spoke.

It was the time of waiting.

“Is that what you want?” Little Zero headed to Little One, asked.

“What do I want?” Little One was astonished.

“I want love from the heart,

I want peace of the mind,

I want…

I want no more about war,

I want…

What do I want if it matters?

I want no hurts at all,

I want,

I want to fly in the sky…”, 

“I want…”

Little One was talking in tune and Little Zero smiled at the ‘fly in the sky’, 

“I want to go to some places to have a good time,

I want to go to some places that accept my stay,

I want to go to some places where I can create my world from the smallest things of nature”, Little Zero interrupted with singing along.

“I want the feeling of freedom,

I want the happiness without limitations,

But it is impossible,

I want to gain my place in the world,

I want to build my mind to wisdom,

I want to see the world clearly, extremely clearly.

I want to feel myself, 

I want me.”

Little One followed.

“Maybe these are the answers.” Little Zero was surprised.

“We are nerds.” Little One stated.

“Smart nerds.” Little Zero spoke.

“Beautiful people.” Little One cheered.

“What does nothing feel like?” Little Zero asked.


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