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“Breakfast time.”

White toasts with a slice of cucumber, a slice of tomato, half spoon of orange marmalade and a vegan sausage.

A boiled egg.

Granola with yoghurt with granola with yoghurt with corn flakes.

A glass of tropical juice.

It is a buffet.

“What are we going to do today?” One asks.

“Nothing to do.” Zero answers.

“How nothing? Why not apply for a job?” One laughs.

“With a diploma higher education degree that is not completed for three years degree, especially devoted all time to study the third year. What can I do?” Zero stands up, preparing to fill juice with another glass.

One waits.

Zero comes back with another glass of tropical juice.

“Why not try again the applications of restaurant staff? They may not consider interns as you previously applied but full-time employees.” One asks sincerely.

“I have been searching for, if none other appropriate opportunities I will apply for, with updated Curriculum Vitae. I would better choose to study.” Zero upsets in silence.

‘What am I here for?’ One thinks.

“What do you want to study?” One asks.

“Everything.” Zero answers are sincere.

“How is everything? It is difficult to achieve” One smiles.

“With all my life, then.” Zero smiles.

“I will have another toast.” One stands up.

Toast with a fried egg with toast. A sandwich.


After breakfast, One and Zero go upstairs to pack their luggage. This is the last day One and Zero stay in this hotel if no adventures happen.


“What about the library? You can read some books there and I can write something.” One looks at Zero.

“I love the library.” Zero looks at One.

There are so many things One didn’t ask and so many things Zero won’t answer. Same as Zero’s job applications. People have hearts, also animals.

Every day is a good day if you build your life up by heart and corrective limitations. How treasure becomes treasure, how One and Zero treat themselves. It just needs time and effort. Oh, and money.

We shall find a way to live.


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