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This story is about a couple named Melvin And Diana Jones, as their Lovely Night Turns into Horror. Around the summertime of 2007 a couple named Diana and Melvin Jones got married in Manhattan, New York and are now having their honeymoon in Miami Florida but before they make it there, they made a stop at a Motel outside of Miami called Countryside motel. They pulled up to the motel, got out of the car, and  went to the front desk. The place had  cobwebs and old antic stuff in there. “I don’t know about this place, babe” Diana said. “Don’t worry about it for just  one night,” Melvin said. Melvin rang the desk bell and a man came out of the employee’s room. He was about 6’4 and was an elder and had glasses. “Welcome to Countryside Motel, my name is Samuel, how may I assist you?”, Samuel said. “Yes, me and my wife would like to rent a room tonight,” Melvin said. “Of course sir, we have one room available. Room 10 A on the top floor, here are the keys to the room. You two, have a lovely night and enjoy your stay ”, Samuel said. Melvin took the keys and he and Diana headed up to the room. When they got in the room all the decorations were also antic just like the ones in the front lobby. “You sure about this place, babe?” Diana said. “Its not so bad. Let's just get settled in and unpack'' Melvin said. So the couple got settled in and Diana got in the shower after being on the long trip, Melvin joined in the shower with Diana and they started making out. During their making out, the phone rings. “What the hell!” Diana said. “Don’t worry. I will answer it” Melvin said. Melvin gave Diana another kiss and got out of the shower and wrapped himself with a towel. The phone was still ringing, he sat on the bed and  answered the phone, “Hello” Melvin said. “Are you enjoying the room, Mr. Jones? Samuel said. “Yes I am” Melvin said. “Good, my server will bring you and your bride a hot meal, if you are interested.” Samuel said. “Yes I’m interested. I was going to go to get something to eat, but I will eat what you got.” Melvin said. “Coming right up sir.” Samuel said. Samuel hung up the  phone and Diana got out of the shower. She was  wrapped in a robe, she turned on the tv and the news was on, on the news it said that a couple has been missing, they have been missing for about  5 to 12 days, and  police and detectives are still trying to find the bodies. “Wow, that's crazy. I can’t watch this. Let me see. What else is on TV”, Diana said. Diana flipped the channel and watched a reality show, Two minutes later room service knocked on the door. Melvin got up and answered the door, and the server brought in the hot meals on a silver platter. It was two cheeseburgers and fries, the server was a tall overweight man. He had a black hairnet and grease all over his clothes and apron and was breathing heavy. “Um, how much do we pay you?” Melvin said. “Not at all, sir, enjoy(Growl).”  the server said. The server left the room and Melvin took a bite of his burger. “This is good. I wish they brought ketchup.” Melvin said. “Yeah its good'', Diana said. “Its so tender, it must be lean meat.” Melvin said. After they ate their food, they went to sleep. 30 minutes later something woke them out of their sleep. They heard a scream like someone was getting mutilated. “What the hell  was that'' Melvin said. “I don’t know.” Diana said.  Another scream happened, and Melvin got up and got his clothes on and went to check on it, but Diana begged him not to go but he still went. When he got outside he saw a woman get dragged in the lobby, he snuck down to the lobby to see what was going on, when he got down there all he saw was blood that led to the back hallway of the lobby. Melvin follows the blood trail and when he was doing that, the lights was flickering in the hallway. he was shaking in fear. As he was following the blood trail, the lights went out, but luckily he had a lighter but had troubling  flicking  it on. as he flick the lighter on. he lift the lighter up so he can see down the hallway, but what he didn’t know is that the overweight server was behind him but he was covered in blood and had a big cleaver in his left hand . The lighter burned Melvin's finger and he dropped it, thankfully the lights cut back on, if the lights didn’t cut back on  he would have been dead. Melvin looked around because he felt a chill on the back of his neck  but no one was there so he kept continuing down the hallway until the blood trail ended in front of the maintenance room door, he slowly opened the door and the blood led to some stairs. Instead of turning back he kept going, still shook in fear, he made his way down the steps. it was very long and dark. As he kept going down the stairs it was getting darker and darker and darker,  as he made it down to the bottom  of the floor he heard the woman screaming. He followed the woman’s scream and she was in a room getting cut up by the overweight server and feeding her flesh to Samuel. “What In The Fuck.” Melvin said quietly. Melvin got closer without being seen, as he was getting closer there were eight cages full of people. It was the victims that were  missing, including the couple that Melvin and Diana saw on the news earlier. The people in the cages were chained and tape mouth shut and some of them were missing fingers and tongue. The woman was still screaming after getting cut again. “Next we can get the couple that came in tonight and put them in these cages because I fed them the burgers already.” Samuel said. After he said that Melvin realized what he ate it was a human burger he ate, Melvin threw up and Samuel and the Server heard Melvin throw up. Then Melvin knocked over a mop and the Server saw him and started chasing him. Melvin took off up the stairs. As Melvin was running upstairs, behind him was the  server who had his big cleaver and was chasing him with it. “Oh my god holy shit '' Melvin said. Melvin was running as fast as he could upstairs when he got to the top of the stairs he ran out of the maintenance room and blocked the door with something so the server couldn’t get through. The server started banging on the door trying to get in but he couldn’t. Melvin took off down the hallway and saw his wife outside of the lobby. He ran up to her “Baby we got to leave now,” Melvin said. Then the server broke out the maintenance room and chased after Diana and Melvin, they ran to the car and she gave Melvin the keys. They unlock the door and start the car up until the server was by the passenger window.  he broke the window trying to grab Diana, she was screaming as the server was choking her, Melvin put the car in reverse but the server still had a hold of Diana, Diana grabbed a pen out of the cup holder and stabbed the server in the left eye. The server screamed and let Diana go. He fell to the ground in pain, then Diana and Melvin drove off. Melvin and Diana left their clothes and money at the motel but they didn’t care because they were trying to get away as far away from that motel. While they were driving to the police station,  a van was chasing them full speed. “What in the Fuck! don’t worry baby I will loose them don’t worry” Melvin said.“ Melvin sped up to lose the van but the van kept catching up. The van hit the back of the car bumping Melvin and Diana, Melvin tried his best to get away from the van. Melvin tried to swerve through traffic to lose the van but the van kept up. Melvin turned the car around a small street where no cars were on the road, Melvin could see they were almost at the local police station but the van came down an alley  and hit them off the street. The car flipped upside down. Diana and Melvin were knocked unconscious, Melvin opened his eyes but it was fuzzy to him. what he saw was Samuel and the server got out the van, and they grabbed Diana and put her in the van. A Fazed Melvin reached his hands out covered in blood and he went back unconscious. Three hours later he woke up in a hospital bed, an I V was placed in his arm and he was looking around for Diana, then a nurse and a doctor came in the room. “How long have I been here?” Melvin said. “For three hours now, you had a nasty crash”  the Doctor said. “Ow. How long am I from the countryside motel?” Melvin said. “Just about 25 miles.”  the Nurse said. Melvin stood up  out of bed and took the I V out . “Do you have a phone here” Melvin said. “Yes in the lobby what you need it for.” The Doctor said.  “To call my wife.” Melvin said. Later Melvin went to the front lobby and called the police and told them to head to the countryside motel as he told them that there was a kidnapping. Twenty minutes later several police arrived at the motel. They search the whole place from top to bottom, room to room, office to office, but there was nothing they could there, not even the way to the basement in the maintenance room it was not there. “Sorry for checking out your place we are receiving prank calls all the time, alright boys there's nothing here just someone trying to create a diversion(sigh) Sorry again.” the officer said. “No need to, you're just doing your job.” Samuel said. After the cops left. Samuel locked up the lobby and went back to the maintenance room and flipped a switch  and the wall opened to the stairs to the basement. Samuel went down the stairs. back in the lobby Melvin came out of the vent of the lobby with a metal pipe that he found in the vent. He jumped down and was around the desk. Melvin  saw a shotgun under the desk and  grabbed it  and put down the pipe. He made his way to the maintenance room but the lights flickered in the hallway and out  of nowhere the server behind him. Melvin turned around and try to shoot the server but the server grabbed Melvin and slam him to the ground ,then Melvin try to grabbed the shotgun but the server kicked the gun away from him, then the server dragged Melvin to the front of the lobby and smashed a vase on top of Melvin’s head. Then he picked Melvin up and tossed him over the desk in the lobby. The server went over to where Melvin was, and went he went behind the desk, Melvin sprayed a fire extinguisher in the eyes of the server then struck the fire extinguisher in the face of the server, then Melvin ran down to where the shotgun was and picked it up and loaded it. When Melvin picked up the shotgun and loaded it, the server got up and picked his big cleaver off the ground and started charging down to Melvin. Melvin repeatedly shot  the server eight times until the server fell to the ground. Then Melvin walked up to the server's face as blood was pouring out of the server’s mouth and body “This is for kidnapping my wife,” Melvin said. Then Melvin blew the server’s head clean off. Server’s brains blood and bones splatter everywhere in the hallway and on Melvin’s face. he continued down the hallway to the maintenance room. Melvin made it to the maintenance room and went in. As he seen that the stairs was there, he ran down the stairs not wasting time and saw his wife strapped on a table. he ran up to her and saw she was unconscious. As he was unbuckling her, out of nowhere Samuel attacked Melvin with a knife by stabbing him in the lower back. Melvin screamed and woke everyone up that was in the cage. Then Samuel slammed Melvin on one of the eight cages, forcing Melvin to drop the gun. Then Samuel start bashing Melvin’s head multiple times on the cage, and blood was coming out on the right side of Melvin’s head, until Melvin regain strength. Melvin elbow Samuel in the face. Then Melvin gave Samuel a few punches to the face. blood start flying out of Samuel’s mouth. Then Melvin gave an uppercut to Samuel, knocking him out. Melvin grabbed the keys off Samuel and unlock the straps off Diana. She woke up and looked at Melvin and kissed him but stopped. “MELVIN!!!” Diana said. As Melvin looked Samuel got back up and was about to kill him but Samuel was shot with a shotgun three times, two in the back and one in the head, instantly killing him. He dropped to his knees and fell to the ground and died. Melvin and Diana looked and it was a woman in the cage that shot Samuel, she dropped the gun and everybody in the cage stood up. “We're going to get you out.” Melvin said. An hour later paramedics, fire department and police arrived and helped everyone that was captured. Melvin and the others were getting treated for the wounds. “You did a good job Melvin. After all these months of finding these victims. They were always in this motel the whole time, good work son,” the Police chief said. Then he shook Melvin's hand. “You're a hero baby but do me a favor” Diana said. “ Yeah,” Melvin said. “Take me home the hell with  this honeymoon.“  Diana said. “(Laugh) Indeed I Love you” Melvin said. “I love you too,” Diana said. Melvin kissed Diana, after that the pair went back home to New York and never returned again. Everyone that was saved returned back to their families and were safe and sound and still talk about the traumatic time in that Motel. After a few years went by, the motel was rebuild and remodeled, now is running smoothly and amazing. But the people that was in there for years never check there again. Just like in the old saying. Once you check in. You never check out.

The End


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