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Ngozi had been Kelechi’s girlfriend for some months. So when she heard what happened, she was very upset and blamed herself for not attending the party. Her parents had warned her against attending night parties; maybe what happened would not have happened, she obviously thought. She immediately phoned Kelechi asking him to come see her because she was ill. Kelechi honoured her invitation the next day after he was told. As he got near to her house, he sighted her and a guy discussing under the inviting shade of a mango tree. Without even eavesdropping on their conversation, he concluded that she was having an affair with the guy. He went straight to her house where he met her parents who welcomed him and offered him a seat. In just a short time, Ngozi came in whilst her parents went out for a stroll. Suddenly, Kelechi fired at her.

So the sickness is gone, eh?”

Did you want me to be sick forever?” she sharply responded. “By the way, why didn’t you phone me before coming?”

So you could pretend that you are sick? Well let’s leave that for later, who was that guy you were with?”

Why do you care, are you my keeper?”

No I am your seeker; you think I didn’t see the way you were looking into his eyes? So that is how you go about having relationships with other guys, and when asked who your boyfriend is, you’ll say it’s Kelechi. Your lips will stick together if you ever mention my name again, you slut!”

If I am a slut, then what are you? Please don’t provoke me this evening or else……”

What would you do? I repeat, you are a slut, in fact you are a monkey.”

Then you are a twit, an unscrupulous element, yes that is what you are. If not, what caused the fight at the party the other night?” Before she could say Jack Robinson, Kelechi took off his belt from around his waist and used it to thrash her mindlessly. She cried and sobbed but he continued insulting her. Then she conjured up a thought in her mind: ‘I will deal with Kelechi and he will ever regret having anything to do with me.’ She pretended to be sorry and begged him. He accepted her apology and went home.

The next day, Ngozi went to see her bosom friend, Ogechi. She sought her opinion on what she could do to teach Kelechi a lesson. Ogechi was happy within herself that a dissension had occurred between Kelechi and Ngozi because she had her eye on Kelechi. So she advised Ngozi to really deal with him.

How am I to go about it?”

I will take you to a friend of mine who is a nurse and also has a chemist’s. I think she will be able to give us some drugs which you will grind and put in Kelechi’s drink anytime he visits you. The drugs will be such that will make his body itch uncontrollably, at least for some days.”

That is a good idea. So when are we going to get the drugs?”

That should be the day after tomorrow because tomorrow, there is going to be an Egwu mmanónwú acrobatic display by some young men at the Nnewi mini-town stadium. I am sure Kelechi is going to be there to contest with the others. So it should be after the contest, that is to say, the day after the contest.”

Alright, thank you,” Ngozi said. “I think you are going to be there tomorrow?”

Ah, my sister, if I am not going to be there who will? You trust me, I don’t miss such spectacular events, not when Ebuka will be there to thrill me with his uniquely spectacular moves.”

Okay Ogechi, let me return home, it is already twilight; as you can see the moon is giving its clarion call. I should go and set the table for supper. I will see you tomorrow then we shall talk about the day after tomorrow.”

Please extend my greetings to your parents,” Ogechi said to Ngozi goodnight. Ngozi had barely walked a distance when Ogechi started laughing, soliloquizing.

I want to teach him a lesson,” she said mimicking the way Ngozi spoke the words to her. “How do I go about it? Fool! You have seen how to go about it and you are going to lose him for good so that I can have him. When Kelechi returned from school, I was the first to make a pass at him. I don’t know what she gave to him. I am beautiful, intelligent and I’ve got the figure eight. Is she as beautiful as I am? Nonsense! We will see to it.”

Ada! Ada!” her mother called and she went inside and shut the door behind her.


The meanings of Igbo words and expressions as used in this story are given below.

Nna m, gini mere?  -----------------------My father, what happened?

Biko ----------------------------------Please

Egwu mmanowu -----------------------------Igbo masquerade dance

Na odika isi kwue! ---------------------------------------Amen! (so be it; surely)

Noro nwanyo!  --------------------------Keep quiet!

Nwoke m! --------------------------------------Young man!

O buru na nwata enpu isi oga ataa ahuhu --------------- If a child does not humble himself, he will                                                                      suffer adversity

Nwaanyi a!  ------------------------------This woman!

Nwanne, idi sharp! -------------------------------------Smart guy! (a hail word)

Ibu ajo mmadu! --------------------------- You are a bad person!

Chineke m! ------------------------------- God (as used- my God!)


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