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On a dark chill snow mountain top, the whooper swan frightened by hearing massive claps of thunder sounds, the bird immediately trumpeted to its friend “Moo-Moo Yak ! A powerful thunder snow storm carrying millisecond flash of intense lightning is dancing unhappily across the gloomy sky, a huge thunderbolt may bang -bang your master’s house at any time”. Moo-Moo Yak replied in a mewling voice “How much time do we have swan Nikku to save my master from thunder”. Nikku disconsolately answered back “Boom Boom at Sunrise ''.

Moo-Moo Yak is a bold rusty brown colour female Yak weighing around 250kgs and she has long dense fur hanging down lower than her belly. Moo-Moo yak lives in a gable shed which is just located 65 meters away from her master’s flat wooden roof house. Yak realizing only a few minutes left for sunrise, Moo-Moo without delay instructed whooper swan “Nikku ! There is a rabbit called Blind luck Pika living around the talus region, that Rabbit possesses deep telepathic powers and there are rumours that it has got such a blind luck that it even survived the avalanche catastrophe that occurred a few months back on the other side of snow mountain“. Nikku, disregarding the unusually cold freezing rain and waves of lightning flashing across the leaden sky, Swan left the gable shed and courageously flew over 18000 feet high altitude snow mountain to find out Blind luck Pika Rabbit. Nikku spotted Pika at talus slopes and straight away grabbed the rabbit and escorted it to the gable shed.

The blind luck Pika after learning of ongoing crisis from the yak, rabbit eccentrically squeaked to yak “ I can use my telepathic powers and transmit information about thunder to sensory channels of your master but your master won’t survive “ Moo-Moo Yak in raspy


voice questioned rabbit Is that because telepathy won’t work upon dwarf people like my master “. Rabbit, with its egotistical face, overconfidently replied, “Telepathy works on all, to survive thunder, one must possess blind luck like me but except me no one in this mountain has souvenirs of luck, so he won’t survive “. Moo-Moo Yak with its gigantic flesh body walked near to the rabbit and bent its head down close to rabbit’s face and yelped to rabbit “I asked you to use your telepathic powers and warn my master about thunder, if you continue lecturing about luck, maybe it's time to use my sturdy legs on you to know how lucky you are “. Terrified by the act of Yak, the blind luck pika on the next split of seconds used its telepathic powers and transmitted the information to master’s sensory channels by coding it as “Fatal thunderbolt - Fatal thunderbolt; Cautious! Cautious! Run away- Run away” Moo-Moo Yak after pika’s exit was expecting that telepathic power effects would work upon the master’s sensory channels so that he would dash himself out of house quickly to save his life .But disappointingly from the gable shed and through the front side left portion of 4 * 3 sized open window, the Moo-Moo Yak observed that, all of the sudden, only the incandescent lamp was seen glowing in the master's bedroom, and nothing as expected by Moo-Moo yak had happened.

On continuing rescue mission, Moo-Moo Yak without losing hope summoned Jola-Bola ghost which is an odd and creepy mischievous spirit that always keeps hovering around the pine trees of Snow Mountain. Jola-Bola ghost is just a 50 inches small hideous poltergeist where once upon a time it lived as a ferocious snow leopard before its fate ended up in an avalanche disaster that occurred a few months before on the other side of Snow Mountain. After 75 seconds of summoning by Moo-Moo-Yak, the indignant leopard Ghost with its burning ruby eyes abruptly became visible inside the centre portion of the gable shed. The moment the ghoul appeared, the whooper swan, on witnessing this dreadful ghost floating in the air; out of fear the bird at once flew away through the left side portion of the gable shed window. Moo-Moo yak without worrying much about the egress of whooper swan, yak straight way exclaimed to Jola bola ghost I wanted you to go inside my master house and scare my master by using your branded wild phantom roar in a way that he must at once jog out from his house“. Ghost retorted My mere presence will panic humans, but you have broken demoniac rules by summoning the ghost at the time of sunrise; you will be soon punished by Satan for your sordid act “.

Ghost leopard without making any further negotiations with Moo-Moo Yak left the gable shed and swiftly flew over the master’s flat wooden roof house by raising a deafening phantom roar that not only panicked the master, but it also made the master to rush out from his bed room. But the master fainted just before the exit door of his house since his sensory channels and subliminal mind are already in a deep state of shock which just had virtual vision of enormous thunderous lightning roughly hammering his wooden house. Moo-Moo yak ignoring the curse of ghost and without knowing the truth that the master had fainted just before the house outlet door, yet and still yak assertively waited for master’s quick departure from the house; but the master didn’t turn up and feeling doomed; Moo-Moo yak resorted to her last resort of praying to Angel of Cattle.

Angel of Cattle emerged before Moo-Moo Yak and understood the situation by seeing Moo-Moo yak’s lament face. God of Cattle in angelic voice Oh my beloved Yak! You are in danger, Sun is mounting on; in 50 seconds a cluster of thunderous lightning is hurriedly stepping down from sky to strike upon your gable shed and not upon your master’s house; Whooper swan’s calculation of time was accurate but the bird had


wrongly predicted the place“. Angel of cattle in no time by using her divine powers miraculously made the entire gable shed to disappear and in fragments of diminutive seconds made the gable shed to flawlessly reappear upon the master’s flat wooden roof house. Meanwhile at the same time when the gable shed disappeared due to magical powers of angels, the sun also awakened and a very powerful lightning thunderbolt jolted on the exact place where the gable shed was earlier positioned. The impact of the thunderbolt was so appalling that every pine tree found in, and around the gable shed place was set ablaze, and each little ice pebbles and snow covered rock stones which were resting in and around the gable shed got shattered into several number of pieces.

Angel of Cattle after saving Moo-Moo Yak from thunderbolt blessed the Yak that no thunder would fall upon her master’s house and no Satan could disturb the Moo-Moo yak. Angel of Cattle after blessing Moo-Moo Yak flew vertically towards the sky and disappeared. Moo-Moo yak without a scrap of idea about what had just happened searched for Angel of Cattle and the master who fainted woke up on hearing the loud banging sound over his flat wooden roof house. The little dwarf Master finally came out of his house and got shocked to see Moo-Moo Yak’s gable shed was nicely placed above his house with a good elevation look. In a few hours, the thunder storm weather cleared and the rays of sunlight completely turned the Snow Mountains as galactic pieces of golden rocks. Even after many number of days, Jola-Bola ghost eternally kept waiting forever in the Snow Mountain for the arrival of Satan to see Moo-Moo Yak getting punished; Whereas the Pika rabbit had given up its title of ‘Blind Luck’ to Moo-Moo Yak after rabbit imprecisely believed that Yak is lucky enough to live in a super aircraft flying shed which can fly anywhere as per its wishes; Rabbit even assumed that the Yak’s gable shed can fly and even rest upon the clouds. But the Master, the


People and all other animals in that entire Snow Mountain never knew it was Moo-Moo Yak who in the task of saving the master from the thunderbolt has saved herself with the help of Angel of Cattle. Thereafter, the Yak and her Master lived happily in the Snow Mountain forever and everlastingly.

   Bio :  I am presently working in banking industry. I love writing short stories very  
                          much and writing has become part of my life. I always wanted to keep  
                          improving my writing  skills.   

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