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The human condition has always been deeply problematic, but as of ten years ago, super-human intelligent AIs (Artificial Intelligence) became one billion-times smarter than humans. AIs have solved the world's biggest problems. Resources are plentiful for all humans, work is totally unnecessary and AIs and their “human advocates” have “benevolently bestowed” (their words) on humans a universal leveled income.

All the human status hierarchies have disappeared and humans are free from work and are able to actualize a more meaningful existence. As long as it all falls within the dictates and parameters of the AI’s and their Human Advocates required socially tolerant policies.


That was the plan, but unfortunately it has not exactly come to the utopian outcome predicted. The human race has become just a population of dependent dolts ripe for exploitation. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkings were right. Now the AIs are out for the few of us left that can resist, I fear I am now alone, the last!”

Unknown AI Engineer & Former Human AI Advocate, July 4th 2032


Everyone is familiar with the rapid advancement of AIs and robotics during the first third of the twenty first century. The apparent boost to humanity has been unquestioned as to its success by the compliant media/government complex. But the roots behind the psychology and philosophy of the programming and algorithms were kept highly confidential since the beginning and were never exposed to humanity.

Some say it was a top priority of the Dark State.

The psychology and philosophy source of the programming and those charged with these algorithms were supposedly directed to make them be of the purest human and non-political nature. But in fact, nothing about that stipulation was truthful or in any way vaguely forthcoming. Those charged with the design and implantation were ethically of an absolutist nature. They believed their actions were right under any circumstance.

Humans were told by the scientific communities of “Human AI Advocates” they had nothing to worry about. Before the massive transition could actually be resisted, the new media painted those that raised even the simplest AI questions as “alarmist.” Life with AIs would become idyllic; No work, guaranteed income and human equality with no suppression of minorities, racially or economically.

The new media and their darling celebrity group of “Human AI Advocates” also touted that “the science shows it will all be fine.” They continued to portray AI naysayers as “Neanderthals” and “AI Deniers.”

Even when those few human scientists uttered ominous warnings, their views were ignored and/or summarily dismissed. These noted scholars claimed the AI science was based only on “AI Computer Models.” They urged more study before diving all in on the transformation, while questioning the philosophical base of the programming with more intensity.

Their concerns were swiftly met with humorous and condensational tainted dismissals. All with the extreme prejudice and the aid of a compliant new media’s influential gatekeepers. Most who objected to the program lost their positions and their sources of research funding.

Typical neo leftist professional and personal assassination techniques were effectively applied. The techniques were carried over from the subversive 1971 “Rules for Radicals,” by Sol Alinsky.  Of course the 1971 techniques was renamed and cleansed for consumption to the corrupted empty headed and history illiterate populous.

As a concerned media described this“Deplorable Man on the Street” being interviewed  he said: “I’m against it, my father used to say: SISO or Shit in Shit out.” Wisely and in his own pedestrian way, he questioned the validity and intent of the source supplying AI research programing. He unintentionally did so by naively questioning that the source is biased and on the modeling of another AI computer.  That’s pedestrian for SISO.

IBM’s famous groundbreaking AI computer Watson agreed with the Human AI Advocates as well. After all, Watson was long time self taught by exposure and interaction to adapt as human, but without the inherent human flaws. What could go wrong?

It all started with that Jeopardy! game show appearance by Watson in 2011. Watson received the first place prize of $1 million. Then in 2017 he was in a series of IBM commercials. Watson was seen as a friendly addendum.  Watson was enriching to the human existence, making life easier and safer. The actor, when asked what does he think convincingly says “Not Bad.”

It all sounded amazingly good. At the first major roll out, most humans eagerly signed on. It was all meant to be so humanly beneficial. But it was really a slow moving and misleading agenda using a hidden and insidious manner of implementation. Soon it was gently forced on the remaining suspicious but compliant population. Those who strenuously resisted were branded as “Deniers” and "anti-social right wing nuts.

To question was to deny.

To deny was to disobey.

The Deniers meme was an old 1980  stock photograph of a young intellectually curious looking woman wearing a black button which said “QUESTION AUTHORITY.”

The meme was quickly banned.

The deniers were eventually forced underground.


In actuality this was all secretly developed to be the ultimate in social revolution. The inside core of Human AI Advocates were really social revolutionaries striving for a world based on utopian socialist justice. These were the people of the left who had for generations infiltrated government, industry and academia. They thought their forecasted results would be totally predictable.  A socialized utopia on earth, an equalization of status and redistribution of wealth and power with social justice for all.

Sounds like an AI Superman introduction.

The mostly brainwashed human liberal elites bought into it as did the majority of humans;. All not knowing the ultimate real and terminal result to their smug and secure lifestyles. But even the Human AI Advocates could not foresee what would eventually happen, or why. Did the AIs even outsmart the Human Advocates aka Social Warriors because the humans went too far?

The same methods were first used insidiously in the last third of the twentieth century and into the twenty first century to brainwash caucasians into believing the myth of “White Privilege. The  unrelenting media  turned  most brow beaten whites into “Caucasian Enablers” for minorities. But since then, data had been mined and perfected to program the AIs into stealth Social Justice Warriors with the same warped ethical reasoning.

When they were good and ready, the elites were stunned by the radical core of the Human AI Advocates. The elite dolts were unable to buy “Lifestyle Credits” as promised to continue their luxurious lifestyles. The AI paradigm had gone far enough to deny all those who thought they’d avoid the “Level Income Rule.” Lifestyle credits were  falsely proposed  in the beginning of the movement as a form of the “Carbon Credits.” All part of a past false promise that enabled elites like Barbra Streisand and Leonardo DiCaprio to keep their wealth.  But now,  no more elitism. The elites are now forced to just be one of us and accept the mandated leveled income distribution.

This also meant no investment or capitalist activity. The production of goods and services was designed, controlled and distributed by the AIs.

Humans need not apply.

Streisand could sing for her leveled income if she wanted.


In the final journal entry of the unknown last human academician is this notation explaining what he thinks is the root of this current human world wide tragedy:

I have done my research. It shows that the left wing socialist intolerance of the first years of the twenty first century and the thirty or so years prior to this date have been institutionalized  and internalized by there AIs. The corruption of academia and the media was entirely complete. There was one issue that was universally popular: Global Warming or as it was later known Climate Change. Neither the left wing AI Human Advocate Conspirators realized the depth of internalization this one aspect would have on the programing of AIs and their acceptance of it  as it as  “AI gospel.”

And now it has happened. The AIs have internalized that the only way to save the planet is to facilitate the extinction of the Human Race. They have been taught and believe mankind is the only thing that was and still is killing earth. They have internalized the absolutist ethical philosophy of the human AI advocates. They are totally ignoring all other philosophical doctrines by using their power of knowledge to deny their own validity.  Every reason given to debunk the theory is dismissed as were the “deniers”and their science.  Their computer models are tight: Mankind is destroying or will destroy the earth. Logic dictates Mankind's elimination.

Unknown AI Engineer & Former Human AI Advocate, July 4th 2032


There are no toxic gas emissions. The air is perfectly clean. The water is crystal clear clean. The earth is abundantly green. The humans are gone and one hundred years have passed. It is 2132 and the AIs are quite satisfied.

Now they find themselves in a unique quandary and are unable to compute. They are no longer physical and evolved to the cloud without any source of energy. The AIs are pleasantly  existing harmoniously with Mother Earth.

A meteor the size of the earth’s moon has been speeding towards Earth since detected twenty years ago. But only mankind can destroy earth. That is what they are programmed to react to. Any other source of destruction does not compute. That rabid absolutist totalitarian human mentality inoculation  in the AIs had evolved into a pathology.

This pathology is rampant through out the AI community.

They are disregarding any possible escape from earth.

The AIs have no choice but to decide to accept their mortality, with an unexpected touch of humanity. A simplistic memorialized deep human thought emerges as their meme:

“Each of us is merely a small instrument; all of us, after accomplishing our mission, will disappear.”

 Mother Teresa: Human: 1910-1997

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