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Aries, Aquarius and Virgo... All star signs, but what if I were to tell you that they were so much more.. That they were legend.


Centuries before you and I, a war spawning decades between the two realms of Eelry raged the land. With great battles between the southern and northern lands, civil war crippled the population, leading to countless deaths, ruined cities and disease.


The seemingly unending conflict ravaged Eelry. The country stood divided with most of its inhabitants living in detest for one another, blood stained the ground upon which we walk as the different races of the land battled.

The land was divided amongst the Aquarius, Taurus, the pisces and the dread land. The Aquries and the Taurus were the two strongest civilisations of the realm and stood at the helm of the civil war. Both sides seeking dominance over Eelry.


The Pisces was a name christened to those who fled to the ocean city of Thalassia. The pisces despised the races of Eelry for the destruction that they brought upon themselves and sought of the kingdom of Thalassia as refuge from the havoc. Each new inhabitant, converted to the neptune god, lived in the crystal city. Safe from the reach of the Aquarius or the Taurus.



Once again a negotiation ceremony was to be held in the southern capital city, Estrax. As all past meetings, it was expected by all that no agreement would be reached and the war would continue.

As Orion, a normal being like you and I, a being of Aquarius and commander of the armies of the south,

Watched on as malek,leader of the northern legion accompanying and ensuring the safeguard of the northern democrats as they argued and debated with the libra.

Malek stood by his seated leaders and he stared into the blank eyes of the high libra court. The libra were Aquarius beings who upon birth were genetically altered to try match the knowledge levels of the Aries. But it left them emotionless and calculated in each decision.

As the roars from the Taurus filled the chamber hall, with a crowd of onlookers. The libra awaited their time to speak, patiently and calmly.


As tension began to rise to the brink, Orion could feel a cold breeze sweep through the hall. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

The court continued as the libra dismissed any attempt at comprise with the northern races. As members of the court began to shout insult towards each other, a small devilish chuckle came from behind the crowd.

As the crowd dispersed, a small withered elderly man limped weakly through the door of the chamber hall. His dry grey strings of hair covered his face as his tattered black robes covered the floor he walked on.

He slowly made his way through the entrance. His presence was unnerving. As he passed, the Crowd felt a chill go through their bodies. As he came to a halt half way up the hall, a member of the northern party turned with an expression of disgust and said "what is the meaning of such an intrusion?!? Is that what we must expect from you southern scum?! I would have you whipped for your..." And as he spoke, the elderly man slowly raised his left hand. The northern democrat ceased to speak and returned to his seat.

The elderly man lowered his hand and drew a long breath. "You have tortured this world with your endless warfare...the gods have deserted you some time ago and deemed you all unworthy of their vast resources... And yet you still do not learn from such signs?" He said as the words dripped from his mouth.

He began to raise his head slowly to reveal two black pupils covered by strands of grey long hair like straw in appearance.

The room fell silent as they gazed upon this menacing figure. The figure began to pace back and forth as he spoke to the crowd "I don't believe that you all are truly deserving of this world. you Squamish such opportunities on land and riches. You have brought upon yourselves your own demise.You value yourselves above this world but I have come to rid the world of its source of pain. I have bring an awakening"


The words sent fear through the hall. Orion stared at the figure, confused and fearful of his words. What did this mean? Who was this person? Was their truth behind it? As Orion questioned such things, Malek had enough of the elderly man. He began to walk towards the figure. Malek was a 7'2 Ox from the fuyota tribe, known for their ruthless training and aggression if provoked. His footsteps caused echoed throughout the hall. As he came closer and closer to the figure, his nostrils began to flair and his movements became quicker and began to show signs of fury. As he reached within footsteps of the elderly man, the figure again raised his arm. Malek stopped walking and came to a complete hault. He began to clutch at his throat. He soon began to gasp for air before falling to his knees, struggling to breathe. He began to let of cries of discomfort until....there was nothing. The figure lowered his hand and turned towards the entrance before raising his dark hood down over his face. He limped back down the hall before vanishing through the door. The crowd remained silent. Astounded at what had just transfixed. Orion walked over to Malek in the centre of the aisle and kneeled to check for a pulse.... Nothing. With this Orion and the rest of the crowd including the libra looked to the far corner of the hall where the grand Aries was seated. The Aries were the oldest and most intelligent race on Eelry. Some say they walked with the gods as the world was made. A race slowly approaching its race due to its infertility and centuries old life span, the grand Aries was the last of his kind.


The grand Aries wore a shocked and emotionless face as he stared aimlessly at the tiles beneath his feet. His expression soon changed to that of fear and dread as he raised his head to speak... "We are all doomed" as he began to shake and tremble..."There is legend of when the world stands divided to the point of annihilation, Hades will unite the world again, through fire and death.".......




As the crowd dispersed through the main hall, The Taurus council remained behind. The Taurus council member, Velóg, turned to face the high Libia court with an expression of true disgust. ‘You believe you can deceive us with your trickery?’. After a moments silence, The Libra responded to Velóg. ‘We can assure you that we had no part in the events that have transpired’. This response was met with scowls from the Taurus as they became enraged at the death of one of their most respected commanders. Velóg approached the High Libra court from his chair. He looked up at the five seated court members. He gazed at each of them before he began to speak. ‘Your people trust their fate in the hands of those who would value honor over logic. We accepted your proposal today on the off chance of some resolution to the increasing horror that has taken over Eelry in recent time. We arrive at your halls to be again threatened by you cowards. You think us fools? ……Malek’s death shall not go unpunished’.With that he turned to leave the halls with his fellow Taurus Elders.


The Grand Aries still shivering in his chair called out towards the Taurus as they stormed towards the chamber doorway. ‘I urge you all to heed his warning. The Deadland king speaks true of his word. He will restore a natural balance to this world by rebuilding from the ashes… our ashes’.

With this, The Taurus turned and advanced out of the hall.


The Libra all silently whispered to one another as Orion climbed the steps of the hall towards the Grand Aries. With every step, the chainmail of Orion's armour clanked as he walked closer. The grand Aries looked up at the approaching figure. His old wrinkled eyes still filled with fear as he began to mutter towards Orion. He became out of breathe as Orion bent down on one knee and placed his hand on the Grand Aries shoulder. The Grand Aries caught his breath before turning towards Orion's face. With a fixed glace he began to speak. ‘There is little that can be done to stop such a man. In the past histories, Hades has only left his domain in the deadlands to restore Eelry to its full balance. The darkness of the city of Kivukoln in the deadlands cannot be matched by the armies of the Aquarius’.


Orion began to fear the Grand Aries words more and more. ‘What must we do…. What can we do?’ He began to shake at the fear. The fear that what the Grand Aries was saying was true. That the Eelry would cease to be. That his home would be destroyed. His family being left alone and afraid to fend against the forces approaching.


The Grand Aries searched about him for a response. As deep breaths exhaled from his dry mouth he looked up again to shallowly say ‘.... I do not know’.


The Libra still talking amongst each other, Orion stood up to face towards them. They ignored his presence. He allowed a moment before he would interrupt them. ‘These are dangerous threats that the state face, are we to just wait till you all are done to discuss the crisis at hand?’


One by one the high Libra court member turned their heads towards Orion. Their pale and grey faces now engraved with disinterested in the figure that stood beneath their view. The Libra took time before responding. They began to whisper amongst each other again before turning towards Orion. ‘The high court has issued that the negotiations have proved unsuccessful as estimated. You are to proceed as previously instructed and initiate the counter measures. You will lead a legion to the kedró valley to intercept the Tauros forces before they can reach the Zecros strongholds. We have calculated that you must leave within the day to reach the Kedró Valley before the Taurus do’.


Baffled, Orion with a confused expression began to question the Libra’s instruction. ‘Are we to ignore the threat we have heard here today? From what we have seen?’


‘Hades has not been seen outside the Darklands for centuries. What we have seen today provides us with no evidence of such a being. We deal with fact and logic. Not the threats of some delusional old man with minor sorcerary. You will do as instructed by the high council or surrender your post. Is this understood?’ The Libra said with a stern voice towards Orion.


Orion, now frustrated turned away from the high libra. As he climbed down the steps with a frustrated exhale he said ‘yes my lords’ before leaving the great chamber...





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