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Brent watched Vera leave out his front door. Her ponytail was bouncing from left to right as she became smaller enroute to her vehicle. 
            They had met at a UFO convention two years ago. They spoke of their heart pounding experiences they believed were encounters with aliens from outer space. Three triangular lights hovering over her in a park under a periwinkle night sky hooked her on the phenomenon. He spied a saucer over the western mountains during a lunar eclipse. 

            And now it was over. Her belief waned and so did her interest in his avid extra-terrestrial passion.
            He dragged himself to the kitchen with thoughts of calling her. He sat on the counter stool, staring at his cell, and volleying should I or shouldn't I questions in his head.

Suddenly, a droplet appeared on his phone, royal blue in color, and with a crystallized sparkle. He tilted his head like a curious dog, wondering how it appeared out of nowhere. He instinctively went to wipe it away and upon his touch, a message appeared on the locked screen.
"Tonight, at dusk. Kerrigan's Farm. Seeing is believing."

    His eyes widened the size of silver dollars at the cryptic message. The text slowly dissolved away as he picked up his phone.
"Kerrigan's Farm? It's been vacant for several years," he mumbled, as he tried to rid remnants of the metaphysics with erratic head shaking. "Still, I am a sucker for fantasy, and this is right up my alley. I'll take a drive out there."

There was still a few hours left of daylight, and the breakup rendered him empty of appetite. He retired to his sofa and stared up at the ceiling, with sorrow, disbelief, and anxious sentiments, all having a tug-of-war battle for his emotional condition.
He fell into a nap and an hour later, yawned away sluggishly as the sun was about to clock out for the day.

He jumped in his SUV and leisurely drove twenty minutes to the abandoned silo. As he serpentined along a dirt path towards the farm, he saw several other vehicles parked in a field without any organized sequence. He parked perpendicular to a multicolored microbus and exited his vehicle with his head on a swivel, surveying dozens of humanity, in search of a familiar face.

Some were garbed in their best alien costumes that drew snickering from others.
He spotted a wildly eccentric ET aficionado he met at a past convention and patronized his 'out of this world experience' stab at humor with a crooked smile. As the fan was about to tell an alien joke, a humming vibration emanated from the star littered sky above. At first, there was just a distinct sound, as all heads peered upwards, when suddenly, a saucer appeared off in the near distance.

The saucer spun slowly, as if negotiating a safe place to land. The spaceship was about fifty feet in diameter and hovered about two hundred feet above the earth. It emitted a soft glow of laser lights around its seamless, contoured frame, revealing a spectrum of sepia shades.
The dozens had mouths agape as ten life sized, light blue droplets appeared below the saucer.

An echoing gong tolled as the droplets were released, leaving a cascading effect on the grass. As the splash subsided, aliens, with soft blue, illuminated, human-like faces, appeared. 

"Humanoids, our visit from planet Neptune is of peace and brevity, for we can only endure Earth's atmosphere for a short time. We have come to reward you for your undying belief in our existence. And to show our appreciation and goodwill, we shall entertain you with music common to our planet," came a sincere voice from the spacecraft.

Soothing sounds of voice of an unknown dialect and invisible instruments provided a soundtrack of serenity as each alien danced around the crowd amidst satisfied smiles. Their cadence mimicked a unified orchestra of chorus and mechanical symphony, at a tranquil tone. 
Brent threw his head back, lost in the moment, when an alien softly grabbed his hand. Its hand was rubbery to the touch, and with a ridged texture. It gently pulled him towards a silhouette of another of the faithful. As they neared, Brent's mouth mimicked a crescent moon as he saw Vera, with one eye strategically hidden behind her brown hair, and wearing an inviting countenance.

"I got the message too. I now believe in them and especially you," she beamed, and dove into his arms. Their heads rested on each other's shoulders and swayed in rhythm to the audible gift provided by their interplanetary guests. The sounds began to ebb as each alien returned to their spots of splashdown. With a wave and a hand over their hearts, they re-formed into droplets and ascended back to their vessel. The saucer slowly dissolved, amidst a smattering of applause.

"Will anyone believe what we just witnessed?" a voice yelled from the crowd. They all noticed their phones were deactivated during the alien concert. 
Vera returned her embrace to Brent and whispered in his ear. "It doesn't matter. We believe...together."

Bio: J

on Moray has been writing short stories for over a decade and his work has appeared in many online and print markets. When not working and being a devoted family man, he enjoys sports, music, the ocean, and SCI-FI/Fantasy media. Read more of his work at


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