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As Jamie enters adulthood she begins to understand her gifts more. Although her feelings and her logic don't always equate. The story widens, and a bank robbery is planned. Yet how is Jamie and her mother involved? 

Shorter version of a larger chapter from the 'Energy' series I am writing. There will most likely be two or three books, the story keeps developing. I purposefully submit volumes that are spaced apart.  Can't give it all away. Thanks for reading, based in the UK.  

7.30am, Shortland. 19th August 1994.

"Are you sure the manager opens up by himself?"

The ringleader asked his friend, Jack, who simply nodded his head, busy tying up the laces on his boots too. 

Warren, a very smart career criminal, was dressed in military fatigues, gloves, and black leather boots to match. Already he, and his team, had applied camouflage make-up to their faces, to add to the ploy. 

He knew he was taking a risk by robbing a bank in his own city, three miles up the road from where he grew up,  in a popular suburb named Northwood.  At the same time, this was why he did it. He'd already earnt £750,000 during the past five months doing other robberies. It was more about the buzz.

If the information given to Jack was true, he would definitely stop for a while after this. £2 million was meant to be in the bank safe that day, £2 million, he thought to himself.  What a fuckin great earner.  £500 grand each. 

There were only four of them,  his best mate Jack, who'd also done loads of bird photography, Winston, also a career criminal, whom Warren had met inside, and Leon acting as the getaway driver. Another childhood friend. And himself. 

One thing Warren had learnt about doing robberies was to keep the plans flexible, and to be as nasty as possible from the outset. Shock and floor the cunt's, he thought.  Previously, he'd robbed cash businesses, such as expensive hair salons, Michelin star restaurants, and even cinema's. Now, having upgraded to banks, the risks were higher but so were the rewards.

Already, the team had successfully robbed two banks, one in nearby East Park, a small town on the outskirts of Shortland. As well as a much larger bank, in the huge city of Brookbourne. That was a great earner, giving them all £300k each. 

Both times the team went in just as the banks were about to close, always on a Friday. Warren made sure each of them had a large number of zip ties on them. Winston would wait by the door whilst Warren and Jack stormed into the bank, threatening point blank to shoot the nearest staff member in the head, should anyone press the buzzer for the police. 

It worked both times. All the staff left in the bank were shocked. Sadistically, Warren took great pleasure at punching the first male staff member he could get his hands on.  First, he would make sure the man would place both hands together, and feed his connected hands through the zip tie loop. As soon as they were through, Warren would pull one end very hard until the zip ties were almost cutting off the circulation of the male hostage.

Then, in front of all the other staff members he would punch the man clean in the face, repeatedly until he was knocked out. Both times this happened the man fell to his knee's, then after being knocked out, would crash to the floor. His head hitting it with a huge thud. Being unable to defend himself made it all the more traumatising for the other staff members to watch. Knowing this would have the desired effect, all remaining staff members fearfully followed the gang leaders orders, this included opening of all safes, and cash boxes. 

For the sum of £50,000 a staff member already working inside the Barclays bank in Shortland informed Warren, and his gang, the manager always went in an hour earlier than the rest of the staff. This was always on a Wednesday. This was to wheel out the already counted money for the private security firm to collect, 45 minutes later.  The bank always felt this was best done quietly, discreetly,  with no-one knowing about it.  

With this information in mind Warren knew he had to act before another firm got word of it.  He also knew they were taking a greater risk by raiding the bank in the morning, during rush hour.  They had to think of a way to be seen but not under any suspicious circumstances, hence the military clothes. 

With all the team dressed and ready to go, they began unpackaging the shot guns he had stored away, in a wooded area he knew very well from growing up close to it. He didn't plan to shoot the manager, but if he resisted, or didn't open the safe up soon enough, then he planned to let a round off next to his ears. That would do the trick.

He looked at the others, adrenaline pumping, he knew they looked the part. They all looked like professional soldiers, the desired look. Warren calculated that by posing as soldiers on the street, next to the bank, pretending to fund raise for The Royal British Legion wouldn't raise any suspicions. He knew they would get some attention, he just didn't want the bank manager to suspect them whilst opening up the front door to the bank. 

Leon was a great driver, he'd been stealing cars all his life, and had gotten away from the old bill many times. The getaway driver had even passed his advanced driving test. The lad was a petrol head and loved all things engines, plus he had criminal DNA. His father was a former bank robber too.

Warren was confident they'd get this job done. He had a villa in Spain earmarked to buy. Overlooking the sea, right by Gibraltar. For another career move, smuggling hash from Morocco. 

He looked at his watch, it was 7.55am. The manager was due at the bank in 35 minutes. The security van was due at 9.15am.   He knew they had to gain entry via the front, get the money from the safe, get the rear doors open. Then, they needed to get the security barrier up so that Leon could reverse into the bank car park.  All within the allotted time of 30 minutes. Warren wanted at least a 15 minute window to escape from the van before  the private security firm turned up. 

They all did their final checks and walked to the rear of the rental property that had a large car park. Leon had already parked the rear of the transit van to the back door and opened the rear doors. Warren, Jack, and Winston simply walked into the rear and sat down.  He checked the mock military stand, with Royal British Legion posters, leaflets, was all in order. This part was essential. They had to convince everyone they were raising money for charity. 

With doors slammed shut on the black van, Leon got into the driver's seat and headed towards the bank on the high street, waiting for the manager to open the doors. 

Richstead Wood, 19th August 1994, 8.45am.  

"What time does the train leave again mum?" Jamie cried out, her wet hair hanging over her forehead, dripping onto the cream carpet below. She had a beige dressing gown on and a pair of black flip flops on her size six feet. 

She looked down half expecting Albert to be there but remembered he'd gone, three years ago, but it only seemed like yesterday.  She looked up, forced herself not to fall into a pit of despair, and looked outside at the window. It was a glorious day, a lovely summer's day. A good day to go shopping in the capital with her parents. A treat from them. 

"9.45am, but it takes 20 minutes to get there, and five minutes to get to the platform. We've got to leave in twenty minutes otherwise we will miss it.  Just because it's your 17th birthday today doesn't mean the whole world stops. Hurry up Jamie"

"Alright Mum"  She didn't expect to sleep in. Jamie had been texting Christine, and William separately.  Last thing she remembered looking at the time on her phone, it said 1am. She was tired now and regretted staying up that late.

 Jamie knew she had to move fast, she had to try and dry her hair and get changed into something smart, but casual. As always she felt a little torn over what to wear.  Quickly she opted for some white shorts and a light blue vest top. She would wear some trendy Adidas trainers, and a cap to block the sun. It was going to be a good day. Her birthday after all. 

Within 10 minutes Jamie was really pleased with herself, she was dried, changed, and waiting downstairs for her partially stressed mother. 

As ever Mary turned on the radio and sang loudly to the latest hit's being played. They were in a new jeep, headed towards the train station.  Currently she was busy lip syncing too the huge smash hit by Wet Wet Wet, 'Love is all around'. She looked over at her mother, she always seemed to be at her happiest when singing, loudly, and sometimes badly. 

Whatever this song meant to her must have been special, she could see her mother's inner flame shining brightly within her. It accentuated her beauty, her full set of teeth, and her dazzling eyes. She was as happy as Jamie because it was her 17th birthday. Mary loved spending time in the capital, Burlond. They were going on a shopping trip, to try on the latest summer fashion wear, and go sightseeing. 

Thinking of her now, boyfriend caused Jamie to drift off from the music, and her mother was singing. Since the prom back in May, things had progressed between them. They'd been on dates to the cinema, restaurants, and student night's out.  She was a little sad as he was due to go to univer

sity in just under two weeks time. He kept on pressuring her to have sex before he left, telling how he felt, and that he loved her. 

Jamie, wasn't so sure. In fact, she was starting to think it was all an act. Despite William being ever so charming, funny, and great company, something just didn't feel right with him. 

Since she'd seen him win 'King of the prom' back in May she was beginning to think he was a charlatan, and was very good at masquerading, as someone else. He didn't seem to get excited about anything. His inner flame rarely shone inside of him and Jamie was still at odds over what this meant. She'd never encountered this before. It did occur to her that, perhaps William, just didn't show emotion. 

Plus it wasn't just that. Ever since the prom night when she saw her best friend, Christine, and William outside the marquee. She knew something wasn't right. Before her friend threw herself at her, Jamie caught a glimpse of her flame; it was fiery red and had a dark colour in it. 

She'd come to learn that a darker colour within someone's flame suggested bad intentions, or a deceit of some kind. Like a lie. Yet, she didn't want to believe this. Christine was her best friend after all. 

When Christine stopped hugging her, after what felt like an age, Jamie saw that her flame had died down and it was hard to work out after this.  William, didn't show anything. She so hoped nothing had happened between them. Jamie even went as far as asking both William, and Christine, on separate occasions, and they both vehemently denied it. 

On that occasion William was convincing, as he didn't give anything away, but Christine seemed to look visibly uncomfortable. But her flame wasn't burning. Reluctantly, Jamie was forced to let the suspicion go. 

Although she knew that was in the past. Ever since then she'd had some fun nights out with Christine at the various student establishments in Shortland, and Wood Hill. They were both due to start their A levels, at Wood Hill, in a few weeks time. Jamie was determined to understand more about the physiology of her gift. She chose Biology, Maths, and Social Sciences.  Today, she was off to the capital, it was her birthday. She didn't want to be reflecting on stuff that happened months ago and that didn't have any bearing on what she was doing now. 

She intended on enjoying herself today. Jamie loved spending time with her mother, they had become very close as Jamie got older, and spoke to one another like adults. It was a very good relationship.


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