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4am in the morning. The airport was hustling and bustling with travellers travelling from one place to another. John Deep, a narcotics department head officer at MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT was on duty to catch hold of drug peddlers and smugglers. He has an owl’s eye when it comes to catching hold of criminals. Drug traffickers use Miami as one of the via- routes to smuggle drugs to the USA. Many people are successful in smuggling drugs but few people are unsuccessful as well.

John Deep was keeping a close eye on each passenger passing through his radius. He was keeping an eye on each passenger’s body language and speech. Whomsoever he would find suspicious, he would call them to the side and do a random inspection to see if he/she were smuggling any kind of drugs. Till 6am in the morning, all was going well with no suspicious people under the scanner. At 6:01am, he looked at a passenger who was wearing a red hoodie, jeans, a sports cap, a headphone on his neck and a gold chain. He was carrying one duffel bag, a suitcase and a waist bag. John Deep had a feeling that the passenger’s jeans was jutting out a bit from his body and looked unusual. He felt as if the person had stuffed something in his jeans near the knee and the ankle of both the legs. He called the traveller to the side to do a thorough check. He frisked the man with the frisk machine, checked his bag and tore open the corners of his bags. Upon finding a suspicious products like face powder packets and shampoo packets, he directed the man into the narcotics checking room. He stripped down the man’s clothes and made him stand naked so he could check for any suspicious substance on his body. To his surprise, he found heroine pouches strapped to his body in such a way that nobody could guess with clothes on.

The narcotics department made him go through all the tests and they found out that he had consumed drugs which he can smuggle and get away scot free. John Deep asked “what is your name?” “My name is Luise.” the smuggler answered. “From where are you coming?” asked John. “I am coming from Mexico.” John smirked and said “very well. Do you know the consequences of smuggling drugs?” “No!!” the smuggler replied. Luise was getting nervous by every passing minute. John kept on questioning him until Luise got distressed and told his whole story of why he had to smuggle the drugs. Luise started his story. “I was a roadside beggar in Mexico. I didn’t have enough food to fill my stomach. People passing by would never give me any money or food so I can survive. Until one day, the news was spread across Mexico that the biggest drug kingpin of Mexico was under the custody of the narcotics department of Mexico. His whole factory and office had been raided by the narcotics department but they didn’t find anything. Before the raid, the drug daddy had got the news that his office and factory was to be raided. He immediately sent all his gang members to find people who can smuggle these drugs to USA and hide it in a safe place where no one can find it. The gang members targeted poor and innocent people. They gave them money and told them to smuggle the drugs to USA. They also targeted small school going children. They told them to smuggle the drugs in their school bags and hide it somewhere where no one can find it. Even I was included in this crime and they promised to give me a handsome amount of $10,000. I immediately agreed and I did everything that they said. On the first day, I was taken to the secret hideout of the drug kingpin where he had his stock of drugs. They stored around 8kgs of heroine and 3kgs of marijuana in pouches and strapped it to my body. Next, they hid the drug powders in small capsules and told me to consume it and once I would reach, I would have to eject it out of my body. They also stored drug powders in shampoo and face powder packets so that nobody can get suspicious. This is the truth.” Officer John was shocked and puzzled at the same time. He couldn’t connect one dot with another. He was surprised at the level of planning which must have been done to smuggle the drugs. Officer John discussed with the other officers and came to a conclusion of busting this drug racket with the help of this drug smuggler.

Officer John, Lady Officer Karla, Officer Sam and Luise flew down to Mexico. This was a secret mission and Luise was made a part of it so that the drug kingpin doesn’t get to know about their sting operation. The officers sent Luise to the drug kingpin. He went to the kingpin’s secret hideout in Mexico. He had a button camera fixed on his T-shirt which will record whatever the drug kingpin says. “Hello sir!! I have successfully smuggled the drugs to USA and kept it at your hideout.” said Luise. “Very well done!! I hope you were not caught.” said the drug kingpin. “No sir, I was not caught.” said Luise. “May I ask you a question?” asked Luise. “Go on!!” said the drug peddler. How many more people have you sent to smuggle these drugs and how many kilograms of drug is kept at you hideout?” asked Luise. “I have emptied my entire stock and sent people to smuggle the drugs to different countries.”said the drug kingpin. “Did the narcotics department raid your office and factory?” “Yes they did.” said the drug kingpin. “Did they find anything?” asked Luise. “No they didn’t.” laughed the drug kingpin. “Now, for your kind information, I have brought with me the narcotics department officers from Miami. Your game is finished.” Said Luise. The drug kingpin was shocked at this sudden reveleation. “We have recorded all your talks in this button camera.” The 3 officers entered the hideout. “Hands up!! Don’t even try to move.” threatened officer John. The kingpin and his gang members raised their hands in the air. Suddenly, one of the gang member came from nowhere and threw dust in the eyes of the officers. This gave the kingpin and his members a chance to get away from the hideout. The officers were stunned at this sudden mishap and started rubbing their eyes. Once it was fine, they ran behind the gang. They told officer Karla to take Luise into custody. She called the Mexico City police to arrest him. The 2 officers saw 2 bikes parked on the road. The owners of the bikes were right next to them. The officers showed them their badges and convinced them to take their bikes. They sat on the bikes and chased the gang. The gang was far ahead of them. They went through small alleys and chased them by riding the bike at breakneck speed. To their surprise, they had parallel overtook the gang’s car and turned to the right and stopped them by blocking the car. The car’s driver started to come towards the bike at full speed to knock officer Sam and Officer John. Officer Karla came to save the day by coming on a bike and running it right up the car and bashing the roof. She shot the driver of the car with her C-8092 pistol and the car lost momentum and flipped on the opposite side of the road. The gang members suffered injuries and the officers caught them. Officer Karla had already called the Mexico City police to arrest the drug kingpin. The drug peddler, Luise and the other gang members were caught. This drug case was finally solved.


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